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31 August 2005

re-Discover Science

I'm not easily impressed, as you all well know. But this site has redefined science for me. Geocentrism rules! Oh, and gravity sucks.

29 August 2005

Holy Meatballs, two in one day!

There must be something in the Sauce. I consumed two plates of the divine food, drank the holy beverage, and I'm posting my second blog entry for today. This is double my previous output. Anyway, click the link to witness the evolution of cretinism. The power of Sauce compels you. The power of Sauce compels you…

Some more info on Him

While busy with my evening prayers I was suddenly overwhelmed by an incredibly Noodly feeling of love and peace and the need to post this link so that I can share with the world the joy that He has brought me. May the Sauce be with you, Andre

26 August 2005

FSM: Give us this day / our daily noodle

I feel like such groupie, I could not stop myself, I just like so had to report on this boingboing Flying Spaghetti Monster linkfest. Be touched by His Noodly Appendage.

Down Memory Lane

Being the daughter of a Top Scientist did have it’s advantages.

For one thing I got to spend some of my childhood in gorgeous places like Binfield Here’s the village store I used to buy my Dad’s cigarettes at: and here’s the parish church I went to school at: This little memory jag was prompted by the thrilling tale of a haunted house in Binfield, complete with 2-headed-snake –wraith, as detailed in this article on icBerkshire via The Anomalist .

Funny how the inhabitants of my old home town have degenerated from my misty memries of them into delusional idiots.
Although apparently there is a new way to describe them:

"Two very level-headed women saw the snake and were affected by it."

Apropos of absobloodylutely nothing, or maybe not,this article,on News Medical shows that
when the mind is not concentrated on a task -- reading, engaging in conversation or solving a math problem, for example -- it switches to a default mode
which is where the Alzheimer’s problem starts, apparently.


25 August 2005

NGK to rule on homosexuality

On 1 April 2005 the tabloid Die Son published private pictures and allegations of promiscuity in a story supplied to them by Douw Wessels, the ex-lover of NG Church minister Laurie Gaum. That Sunday, sister paper Rapport took the story mainstream, splashing similar pictures of Gaum on its front page. By Monday evening Wessels was dead, having overdosed on pills, and Gaum's personal and professional life lay in ruins.

But wait! There is more! The Dominee is now being forced out of his congregation (due to said relationship) and may even be 'disrobed' if he does not solemnly swear to become celibate. Meaning he's not allowed to have sex ever again if he wants to stay on in his profession. Emotional blackmail anyone?

24 August 2005

Civility vs Human Nature

Top 10 Most Ridiculous Black Metal Pics of All Time

I wonder if these outfits are religiously inspired?

23 August 2005

The Flying Spaghetti Monster

Can't believe we have not even mentioned my new savior on this blog! Yes that's right I've converted and I'm taking all of you with me. BTW, Boing boing is really getting into this.

Culture Jamming with an Edge

17 August 2005

The Start of the End of Faith?

Congregations are losing their religious belief even faster than churches are losing their congregations, according to research published today.

That’s according to this article in yesterday’s Grauniad Good news:

In houses where only one parent had strong feelings about faith, children were much less likely to believe. On the other hand, two non-religious parents had no trouble passing on their lack of faith. In effect, attendance fell away steadily with each generation.

Err..not so good news:

The only factor likely to slow the decline - congregations and ordinations have begun to dwindle in both the Catholic and Protestant traditions - is that devout households tend to have more children than non-religious ones.

In other words, good fellow atheists-start procreating!

Hang on a bit, what’s that correlation between intelligence and the number of offspring again?

Strange News in BlogSpace

Strange news in BlogSpace.

My weird and utterly delightful acquaintance, Morbid Muse, has started a blog Miffed Muses , which looks entertaining and particularly Joburg.

Go check out the Urban Adventures of Lady Lithium and Princess Prozac, although, there as over here, some people do more blogging than others.

On that note, Andre the Awesome Atheist, Morne du Toit thought that I was you when I left a comment on his site (see Quest below).He also has the following caveat on his download page now:

Please forgive me for the spelling and grammatical errors ;-) It is being attended to. The message is too important to have waited till I could get someone to proofread.

So, we know that atheists can be told, at least!

I almost forgot the News of the Day….MM (err..see above) writes me ”Congrats on being voted one of the top blogs of SA!”.

Now, does someone want to tell me what that’s all about?

09 August 2005

Theories of humour

Here's a well written article on humour.

Indeed, humour is one way of dealing with the fact that humans are “excrement-producing poets and imperfect lovers”, says Appletree Rodden of the University of Tuebingen. He sees religion and humour as different, and perhaps competing, ways for people to accept death and the general unsatisfactoriness of the world. Perhaps that is why, as Dr Morreall calculates in a forthcoming article in the journal Humor, 95% of the writings that he sampled from important Christian scholars through the centuries disapproved of humour, linking it to insincerity and idleness.

...::: QUEST :::...

Well, Andre, this was your post, really. A groupthink-reprogramming site for Christians, this is, with a plus minus 450-page e-book download, telling the truth about the Bible and Christianity.

04 August 2005


I don’t know if anyone else noticed, but we’ve been sharing an infinite amount of divine amusement here at the Annex, for just over a year now. So happy birthday, handjobs all around!

I’ve also noticed the stats, and the mind-expanding search terms, like “aphrodisiac moist towelette”, whoa classy! Another round of handjobs!

Naturally some people go apeshit when you mention birthdays.

Cheap parlor tricks taken way to serious

Now Jacaranda FM has an on-air trickster during prime time. She's perfectly credible and was confirmed to be very accurate by all listeners. How on this great rock to you check the credibility of a psychic?

03 August 2005

Gay organist sues NG Kerk

The last ten years we've been living in a democracy, I have, I know, for, as a previously advantaged individual, it meant sacrifices, and we’re not quite there yet, but despite this I feel we are living in a much better environment. Then this kind of bullshite transports me right back to the 80’s when we treated some people as lower life forms:
A gay organist is suing an NG Kerk congregation after he was suspended for being involved in a homosexual relationship, it was reported on Wednesday.

The Witness said Johan Strydom of Pretoria wanted R100 000 from the church's Moreleta Park congregation in Pretoria for an alleged loss of income and violation of his dignity.

Strydom gave music lessons at the congregation's school of music.

In a letter last month, the church acknowledged the quality of his work, but said: "We have to keep in mind that the congregation's values have to be mirrored in the training it provides."

Johan Strydom, I hope you nail those bastards.

01 August 2005

I'm a Grandmother

Scylla gave birth to 8 beautiful pups on Warren's birthday, on Friday.