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31 July 2004

The Anti-Terrorism Coalition

The entry about the Nazi sites made me think about the way Americans are ignoring the dictionary definition of the word terrorism.
terrorism n : the calculated use of violence (or threat of violence) against civilians in order to attain goals that are political or religious or ideological in nature; this is done through intimindation or coercion or instilling fear [syn: act of terrorism, terrorist act] --"WordNet (r) 2.0"
Why does that sound so American? These Americans got themselves a new hobby, recreational terrorist spotting, in the begining I thought it was very funny but now the novelty is wearing thin. The Department of Homeland Security is having a field day in securing the borders by manhandling murderous journalists from other countries including South Africa. Big Brother enlisted 180,000 orcs to form The Department of Homeland Security, and just to make sure that not one single Arab-American goes unchecked, they are now enlisting firefighters, utility workers and others who regularly go into homes and truckers to report terrorist activity. Oh and let us not forget the over zealous internet sleuths who brought us the The Anti-Terrorism Coalition hate site which lists over 350 'terrorist' Yahoo groups. Among those I stumbled across a few web pages run by terrorists, like Islam and Christianity and Islam and Other Religions. I can't find our group on there though.

Scientist says DNA challenges basic Mormon teachings

Religion News Blog Wow, who would have guessed, keep your eyes peeled for the next installment called, DNA challenges basic Christian teachings.


Damn these stupid superstitious people, they discover a griffin and then they go and kill it!

Date to Save

Date to Save - Missionary Dating Ministry Web Page:
"So, I created this web page for information regardingthe calling of Missionary Dating. First of all, it helps that you're good looking. Romans 12:1 says 'to offer your bodies as living sacrifices.' Since our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit (1 Cor. 6:19), it makes sense that we should use our beautiful bodies to glorify HIS name, the Holy Spirit will work the strongest since He's in our body, right? "
Lying for Jesus, if you ask me.

30 July 2004

Francis Crick Dies

29 July 2004

Harmon Leon

Somehow I don't think Harmon would describe himself as religious. link

God and soccer

I can really appreciate the view expressed in this article, in an old South Africa Afrikaner kleinkultuur twisted kind of way.
When you're 40-ish and unexpectedly find yourself living in outer suburbia with an elementary-school-age child, you quickly realize that there are two indomitable forces at work in that world: church and soccer. If you don’t attend the one and your offspring has no desire to participate in the other, you might feel like a FedEx-plane-crash survivor stranded on a deserted island. I moved into a modest housing tract just outside Sacramento several years ago, and as a non-religious formerly urban dweller with a 5-year-old who shunned organized sports, I was suddenly a suburban castaway. In terms of social survival, I discovered that my best shot at community contact was a volunteer shift in the classroom, teaching kindergarteners how to add and subtract with M&M’s. link

Pinkerton's Weblog

At the atheists meetup we discussed hacked comic strips, I discovered Pinkerton's Weblog.

Haitians march for Aristide

Haitians march for Aristide Port-Au-Prince - Scores of ousted President Jean-Bertrand Aristide's supporters marched through the slums of Haiti's capital on Wednesday to demand his return.

Happy Birthday Warren

To: My own reason for being. Happy Birthday, Love.

28 July 2004

Yahoo! Groups : praag Messages : Message 18911 of 18911

Yahoo! Groups : praag Messages : Message 18911 of 18911: "Last year I was relieved of my duties as a columnist at Rapport because I claimed that the excessive violence of the Rawstorne killings indicated a racial motivation. It gives me no satisfaction to say that I have been vindicated by William Kekana's courtroom confession, 'We did everything we did because they were white.' The Star's courage in putting this phrase prominently on the front page is exemplary. This is what journalism should be all about: exposing the diseases in society to the blinding light of public attention and debate. Does William Kekana represent a simple criminal or just one of a number of genocidaires, to use the term from Rwanda, who are already operating in South Africa? My own suspicion is that South Africa might be sliding into low-intensity genocide, if we also take into account the farm killings that are mainly directed at one specific ethnic group, i.e. white Afrikaner farmers. During the Rwandan genocide, a radio station known as 'Radio-television des mille collines' incited the Hutu population to go out and kill the Tutsi 'cockroaches'. The intensity and content of the propaganda might be different, but since the ANC takeover in 1994 a constant stream of exaggerated information about apartheid, as well as the congenital evil of 'the whites', have been broadcast by the SABC and published in newspapers with a black readership. In justifying his actions, Kekana claimed that he had killed three defenceless people, including a baby girl, 'because of apartheid'. Judge Monica Leeuw did not take this seriously, but perhaps we should. In his mind, whites 'owe' him and therefore he is not only justified in robbing them, but also in exacting the most horrific retribution in the form of rape, murder and infanti" Would love to hear Terri's opinion on this! I think Kekana blamed 'apartheid' as it is an easy scapegoat to be exploited until the cows comes home. Similar to 'the devil made me do it' plea. But since I am a biased bystander (I am not too fond of Dan Roodt's - the writer - ideas on White Nationalism and his constant propoganda towards the volkstaat ideology, and his adoration of HF Verwoerd) I would like to hear other (meaning not white Afrikaner) opinions.

I Have a Huge Problem with This

Not withstanding the fact that I despise Nazis and Neo-Nazis, I really don't think you can shut the damn sites down just because you disagree with them. Germany and America think otherwise- as if shutting down the Neo-Nazis on the 'net is going to shut them down in real life. US Closing Nazi Sites ...made you look! As the above example suggests, the swastika was originally a pagan symbol, and is still in use by Hindus in much of the world.The figure is said to be generated by the juxtaposition of two 'sowelo' runes, for luck, life and wealth.

27 July 2004

'God, let my next victim drive a bakkie'

I suppose this guy’s faith made this story newsworthy. I mean, how often do you see religious folk do bad things like this.
Just because someone is a car hijacker doesn't mean he isn't religious. So says 28-year-old Rashid Bin Salim, of Orange Farm, who ended his life of crime last year, reformed and is now a struggling fashion designer and community worker. A Muslim, he says he used to pray to God every morning to send him a victim in a bakkie. This is because a stolen car would fetch only R500, but he could get R12 000 for a bakkie or a truck. link

Stille Meerderheid

LitNet: S�Net Die stille meerderheid - As dit wel die geval was, waarom het Afrikanerbelanggebaseerder politieke partye nie ordentlike steun nie? Oordrewe selfloosheid en onderdanigheid is 'n gedragsafwyking - Dieselde kan gesê word van gedrag soos paranoia, Wit Nationalisme, traditionele aangeleerde hulpeloosheid. Die term daarvoor is Afrikaner.


As a member of a minority group maybe I value my privacy too much, but stuff like this leaves me utterly horrified. Recently Sentech MyWireless internet users experienced poor connectivity, and after voicing their unhappiness the  corporate orcs responded:
Raath says the majority of consumers are actually happy with the service being offered. “It is only a few people complaining, but they have been very vociferous. We have placed these people on a ‘baddie' list, and we monitor them separately. We have phoned many of our customers and most were happy with our service.”link
And wait there is more:
Sentech has e-mailed a database of MyWireless users to some of its clients, in what one user described as a "serious breach of confidentiality".link
Maybe we'll end up here sooner than we thought.

Kill the Scientists

I'm an animal lover - at least, I have agreat deal of fondness for my Pitbull. But Jerry Vlasak - described as a 'trauma surgeon' as well as an animal rights activist - makes me wonder. Kill scientists, says animal rights chief

26 July 2004

Ok, Cousin Couples, I think I see a pattern.

23 July 2004

Have A Nice Weekend

Well,folks, G_d's verdict on the Matthews family is in.   They obviously just didn't have enough faith to get Leigh back alive. To all the people who spoke to G_d and assured the family that she would be returned alive and well: bzzzt. Wrong. To the same people who turned around and started screaming for the government to reinstate the death penalty:does your god not weild enough power that you must rely on secular authority for the punishment of evil? To the rest of us-who know there's no heavenly justice and noone to pick up our toys once we've thrown them out of the cot: Keep your head where it is-you're mankind's only hope of seeing a better future. Or any future at all, come to think of it. Gag.Errk. Terri

22 July 2004

� Christian cultural terrorism in action

Let us pray for these missionaries while they tame some heathen savages.
When bringing the Word of God to the Bushmen it seems as if they identify with the God that the missionaries speak of. The interpreter uses the same word for the living God as the word he uses when referring to their good god: X!u. They will therefore quite easily say that they believe. The breakthrough should be for the interpreter to distinguish between X!u and Jesus Christ. The Bushmen must learn about the difference between their Monotheistic god and the Trinity from the Bible. link

Jesus Image In Window

Well, let us start with brain death straight from the Bible Belt.
Crowds are flocking to a hardware store in Rio Grande Valley, Texas, to see an image of Jesus that has appeared on a tinted window at the business. link
Good thing those with ability to "see" have not discovered this site yet, there's got to be at least one Jesus in there.