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29 September 2004


This points to a livejournal entry that made it onto the metafilter. I'm not surprised.

By Toutatis! It's the End of the World!

Monks beat the holy crap out of each other over a door left open in the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem
There was lots of hitting going on - police were hit, monks were hit ... there were people with bloodied faces
Apparently this has been going on for 10 centuries. May be it’s the influence of Toutatis, who’s visiting us today.

28 September 2004

The Word Spy

And all this time I thought I was working with some 'labelverskrikte' himbos, turns out they're a bunch of manscaped metrosexuals heavily into conspicuous austerity, (I hope.) or it might just be that my gaydar is running low! Man, this is Dilbert gone wrong!

South Parks Parodies Gibson's Passion

Somehow I can’t see this title becoming available in our country soon.

Jesus statue found in river causes stir in Eagle Pass

OMG this is funny! It's what we've been waiting for, isn’t it, a sign from Skydaddy! A fiberglass statue of Jesus floating in some river. They should nail this one to that WTC cross.
"Because no one has come forward to claim it and because of its mysterious discovery in the river, the Catholic faithful have embraced the statue as a religious message from God. 'He's telling us he's alive and he is here with us,' Veronica de la Pena, 32, told the San Antonio Express-News. 'He's trying to tell us that there is hope.'"

"A Web-based ministry is helping pagans and witches find Christ. The conversations center on Jesus at, although many of the visitors have pledged themselves to false gods."

KartOO visual meta search engine

Since the god of search engines decided that we only deserve a PageRank of 0, I decided to check our visibility on some of the other engines. I then rediscovered KartOO, a search engine that displays your results in a series of visual maps, with the added functionality of popular clustered queries to narrow your search field, and yes we do make a little blip on their radar. [requires flash]

27 September 2004

Brad Pitt ...

... put back on your shirt and tell some jokes!

22 September 2004

Mixed Blessings - Are secular life ceremonies the wave of the future

Methinks this sounds great!
Perhaps it was bound to happen: Spiritual seekers who left churches and synagogues for the freedom of an independent path are finding it's lonely out there.

The Evidence Bible: Irrefutable Evidence for the Thinking Mind

God, I am in the wrong profession! • Learn how to show the absurdity of evolution. • Learn how to witness to an atheist. • See from scripture how to prove Gods existence without the use of faith. • Discover how to prove the authenticity of the Bible through prophecy. • See how the Bible is full of eye-opening scientific and medical facts. • Read fascinating quotes from Charles Darwin, Albert Einstein, Sir Isaac Newton, Louis Pasteur, Stephen Hawking, many other well-known scientists. Write a load of pre-approved crap and sell it under the veil of Christianity! Was Billy Graham not the dude with the hooker?

Christians for Truth

And the rest of them? Are they Christians for untruths? (And no pun intended!) Or do we just call them all satan worshipers?

The crucifix - a Traditional Weapon?

This women was killed by a crucifix. All crucifixes should be banned! I read in weekend PTA News that Los Angels County was threatened to be sued, as the county emblem had a small crucifix on it. So it was promptly omitted. Way to go LA!

Some More Barmy Beliefs-Happy Eostara

EOS was the goddess of the dawn. From her island home of Aiaia, in the river Okeanos, she rose up into the sky each morning in a golden chariot drawn by winged horses scattering the dark mists of the night with her rosy brilliance. The pagan and neo-pagan festival of Eostara is named after her. We consume chocolate eggs on this day,very religiously, and some of us roll blown and painted eggs down hills. It is also the mid-point of this dude’s reign: (OK I made hm smaller) The Oak King, sprung forth at midwinter when he slew his twin the Holly King, and reigining over the increasing year until Litha, when the two will battle it out again.

Their Beliefs are Bonkers...

....but we are asked to have 'tolerance' for these mad cretins . This is part of why I'm suddenly, in my 45th year, absolutely terrified of humanity. "…when Bush asked Ariel Sharon to pull his tanks out of Jenin in 2002, he received 100,000 angry emails from Christian fundamentalists, and never mentioned the matter again." I will not survive my own death-but that's the point, isn't it? That something I belonged to will go on. Not, however, if the delusional theists of the world (and yes, that's all of them)have their scary way. ”For 15% of the electorate, the Middle East is not just a domestic matter, it's a personal one: if the president fails to start a conflagration there, his core voters don't get to sit at the right hand of God.

21 September 2004


eSearch is for when you need South African results!

Inside the Mind of Gloria Brame

Before I forget, the link to Gloria's blog, again. And while we are keeping up on other blogs, also be sure to check out the sublime 'The Thrashing of the Christ: Extended Edition' on Pinkerton's Weblog, also again.

The New York Times > Books > The New Bodice-Rippers Have More God and Less Sex

Oximoron. Bodice-Ripper = Sex! The Christian Booksellers Association estimates that total sales of Christian fiction have topped $2 billion a year, and the market share of Christian romance has grown 25 percent a year since 2001.

20 September 2004

24 percent are atheists

Yes that’s right if you’re living in the big bad city that is Joburg.

Talking about percentages some born-again Christian folk are quite perplexed by the way statistics are displaying their hypocrisy.

17 September 2004

Something Funny Happened On The Way To Abu Ghraib

Anne Sexton

Ms. Sexton went out looking for the gods.
She began looking in the sky
—expecting a large white angel with a blue crotch.

No one.

She looked next in all the learned books
and the print spat back at her.

No one

She made a pilgrimage to the great poet
and he belched in her face.

No one.

She prayed in all the churches of the world
and learned a great deal about culture.

No one.

She went to the Atlantic, the Pacific, for surely God...

No one.

She went to the Buddha, the Brahma, the Pyramids
and found immense postcards.

No one.

Then she journeyed back to her own house
and the gods of the world were shut in the lavatory.

At last!
she cried out,
and locked the door.

15 September 2004

Google's Secret

Turns out that Google is female ;-)

14 September 2004

Banks feel the heat!

Banks & Service Charges: "South Africa has one of the world's least competitive banking sectors in terms of service charges, particularly at the bottom end of the market" "transaction volumes were soaring and that this mean(s) good times for retail banks"

Web provider slated for barring abortion info

So M-Web, the big bad mighty boertjie service provider with their lager mentality, says,
“You want your kids to enjoy the benefits of the Internet, but you'd also like to keep them safe from unsavoury or harmful influences on the Web.”
And then they go to the trouble of defining some of these unsavoury influences, and it includes,
”Cults, Sects and Satanism”
I would be really interesting to see where exactly they decided to draw this line, and that is what the women from the Women's Legal Centre also wants to know!

The Magic of 150

13 September 2004

Residents Describe God's Care as Panhandle Braces for Ivan

Stories like these really yanks my chain, whenever nature throws a spanner in our little plan to conquer the planet, hordes of religious nutters suddenly feel urge to thank god for small mercies. Thank you God, for saving a few Americans, from the terrible disaster you so thoughtfully brought upon them. Oh and God, not to bother you too much, but we can really do with some of your timely blessings here in Africa. This is a rather opportune time to give us a much needed lift, with all these AIDS orphans you so mercifully sent us down here, it could turn out like a real 911 PR moment to coincide with the soccer world cup and all.

Is That Light at the End of the Tunnel?

I am one of those whom the events of September 11th 2001 finally pushed over the edge into atheism, and I'll not apologise for that. I will apologise, well, a little bit anyway, for clinging to my religious worldview for so long. It's a fact of one's life as a religious person that one needn't apply any actual thought to the ideology. Proof destroys faith, there must be someting in it, religion is a good thing to have, et nauseating cetera. So I'm quite perked up to see this letter from ex-Muslims to Mankind online, and also to have read in the Sunday Rag yesterday that this woman seems to be well on her way. Perhaps all is not lost to humanity. Or perhaps it really is a train I see at the tunnel mouth, as the daft league of invisible-freind-believers ram it head on into the rest of the world.

10 September 2004

Atheist Pride International Day. September 11th.

09 September 2004

Masturbation in Islam

So the guys at islamicweb says Allah will cure your masturbation habit. At least then you would not...
"...develop any of the medical symptoms that may result from masturbation such as weak eyesight, weak nervous system, and/or back pain. "

Suck my Wireless

Sentech queries nuts and bolts of convergence Sentech wants to push their sucking even further! -- Convergence policy will regulate the information and communications technology sector. -- Sentech would apply for the delivery of voice traffic directly to consumers or end users if the convergence policy removed the restrictions. But they do seem to have a point hre ... -- Sentech said there should be a code of conduct to prevent licensees from imposing contracts to lock end users in the use of proprietary handsets or other devices. It further called for a transparent system to enable consumers to identify the tariffs applicable to the numbers dialled.

The End of Faith

After reading this article at the NY Times on Sam Harris’ ‘The End of Faith’ I was initially impressed by the new book.(Which is not available at your local South African bookstore as yet). Then I came across this comment over at TRA, and had second thoughts. Is the man just a raving fundamentalist of a Buddhist stripe after all? So this morning I took a look at the author’s website . Check out especially the pdf format Q&A. ” How comforting would it be to hear the President of the United States assure us that almighty Zeus is on our side in our war on terrorism? The mere change of a single word in his speech—from God to Zeus—would precipitate a national emergency. If I believe that Christ was born of a virgin, resurrected bodily after death, and is now literally transformed into a wafer at the Mass, I can still function as arespected member of society”. A-bloody-men

08 September 2004

You wanna cut where??

Backpage Article Display Contender for the Darwin Award! ' ... gangrene had set in. The 42-year-old had apparently stuck a metal ring on it after losing a bet during a drinking game in the pub.'

Spontaneous Conformities

Spontaneous Conformities and the China Threat, takes a look at something very close to what some would call evil memeplexes.

07 September 2004

Jesus' General

Jails for Jesus

"President Bush wants faith-based programs to take over social services. But what happens when evangelical Christians try their hand at running prisons?"

Kicks for Christ

Back off!

Government set to declare inertia marketing illegal Inertia selling force particular products on consumers, discouraged comparative shopping and produced sales of unwanted goods.

06 September 2004

Maggot Punks The Amphetamine of the Masses

"Despite the best efforts of an all powerful god, you have arrived at the Maggot Punks website. God is either unwilling or unable to take this site down. We have several people tell us that god WILL take us down. They should know too, they talk to him every day."
And dont miss the March for Women's Lives in D.C.

Muslims can go to heaven, says Archbishop

Why thank you, Your Grace, that sounds like totally Jihad!
The Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, yesterday vented his frustrations with the Church factions warring over homosexuality and also reminded Christians that they did not have a monopoly on the afterlife. link

So where was God at Beslan?

Good question
The Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, has admitted it led him to momentarily doubt his faith in God. He said it would be inhuman not to question one's beliefs in the light of such evil.
These guys are asking all the right questions, but if only more of them studied history...

You won't be bored in heaven

For one thing, the Bible tells us that God will have work for us to do in heaven. We won't be sitting around, strumming harps, or idly floating around on clouds. The Bible says, "The throne of God and of the Lamb will be in the (heavenly) city, and his servants will serve him" (Revelation 22:3). The Bible doesn't tell us exactly what this involves, but I can assure you we won't be bored!
Billy must be bored stiff already.

'R45 000 to save your child'

05 September 2004


"The LifeGem is a certified, high quality diamond created from the carbon of your loved one as a memorial to their unique and wonderful life."

The Paganisation of South Africa

I stumbled upon some marvelously offensive writing of Dr Peter Hammond, Director of the Christian Action Network, a missionary with a gun control fetish. In piece called Firepower and Faith, I found this little gem...
David Livingstone, pioneer missionary and explorer, who first landed in Africa in 1840, was well equipped with some of the most advanced weapons then available, including a 6-barrelled revolver. On occasion, Livingstone was compelled to use his weapons for protection from wild beasts and to persuade slave traders to set the captives free. At one point, when criticised, Livingstone responded: "I love peace as much as any mortal man. In fact, I go quite beyond you, for I love it so much I would fight for it." Blessed are the peacemakers not the pacifists. To make peace requires resolution, courage and action.
and this one...
When world-famous cricketer, turned pioneer missionary, C.T. Studd undertook the first baptisms in a river in the Congo, he needed to fight off the crocodiles with a revolver in one hand while baptising the new converts with the other!
Then on Africa Christian Action's The Bible and Animals site Dr Peter comes to the conclusion that animals will go to heaven and; "The Scriptures reveal God's anger against man's sinfulness. God condemned the type of wholesale slaughter of animals in Judaism as a cover-up for their disobedience (Psalm 40:6-10)."

Naturally this man of god does not like pagans and the things they do, like body piercing , and after seeing this you might agree. Because if you don't chances are you'll be branded as a pathological antagonist.

03 September 2004

Are These Martians?

The Piraha apparently are unique among humans, in that they are resistant to new memes. Or, more properly, to new memes from outside their tribe.

...and he's not bad looking either!

Jamie Whyte, my kind of philosopher
"The weirdest manifestation of this new tendency is when people say: "I'm not a Christian but I believe in something." Then I say: "Of course, I believe in many things, like there is a chair there and a table. What are you talking about?" And they reply: "Well, you know, something more." But what "more"? What they mean is something more than we have any good reason to believe in"

02 September 2004

The Primal Issue

The Aussies did a study on the social impact that porn has. Only 7% of respondents had negative responses. Some ppl spend way too much money trying to prove or disprove the effects of porn.

And just a few clicks north of Aus, women are queing for orgasms (I would too!) These articles made me think of this song .... (what can I say other than that I am a genXer!)

Artist: Trucks Song: It's Just Porn Mom Friday after dinner situation is the same over again Mom she wants to watch the news but I just wanna watch the film at 10 So I get my way again Half way through the movie naked bodies getting groovy on the screen Mom she changes channels, turns away she can't believe what I just seen Embarressed she starts to clean It's just porn, mom, your running away You wouldn't believe what the kids see today It's just porn, mom, and it won't go away Wherever you turn you find porn everyday It's just Billboards on the way to school use porn to make their shit look really cool. So cool The girls I see on MTV conceal the fact their bands all look like fools But their videos make me drool Mom I know that your embarrssed but just face it we can leave the movie on Don't think that I am so nieve that I don't have a clue where I came from

coding fun

It seems like I caused this little comment problem by editing my posts too much!

SAPS : Occult Related Crime Unit

OK nothing here you have not seen in your You or Huisgenoot, but reading about his personal beliefs on a site, makes me feel somewhat uncomfortable.

01 September 2004

Cheers, Dr Comet

Fred Whipple died on Monday. One of the first books I read on astronomy was his “Earth , Moon and Planets”, and I was there at Burlington House when he was made a Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society-I think it was in 1983. He was 97.

God, lift your sorry ass and get political!

Lebanese wary of Lahud's bid to stay The prospect of President Emile Lahud getting re-elected through a constitutional change to allow him to stay in office has one of Lebanon's top clergymen seeking God's help. 'I call on all to be aware ... and for God to help Lebanon and the Lebanese' - Maronite Patriarch Nasr Allah Sfeir