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06 June 2006

Give Ratzi a Tin Foil Beanie for Gossake

Some really serious scientists over at MIT have been busying themselves with researchon the effectiveness of tin foil hats. They find that, although most wavelengths coming from the brain-eating sauropods of outer space are actually attenuated by these devices, certain very specific frequency ranges are greatly amplified.The one ‘the government’ have reserved for their own use of course.

Conclusion?It’s a ‘government’ plot.Or should that be ‘a government’ plot??Or even a ‘government plot’???

Great fun, including pics of serious researchers seriously researching the helmets.

Then, OK, I do go off half cocked sometimes but this makes me really flipping mad.

His tall-hatedness Pope Ratzi has decided to do a little historical revisionism by claiming,last August in his visit to Cologne, that the Nazi atrocities were born of Neo Paganism.This despite the fact that the term 'Neo Pagan' is of much more recent provenance than WWII.However, the term 'Crypto Occult Loonies' might just fit.We still have them, they're people for chrissake, and not specialist criminal gang members.

Because last week,he took his hat and self to Auschwitz
, "as a son of the German people, a son of that people over which a ring of criminals rose to power by false promises of future greatness and the recovery of the nation's honor, prominence, and prosperity, but also through terror and intimidation."
"Deep down, those vicious criminals, by wiping out this people ... by destroying Israel, they ultimately wanted to tear up the tap root of the Christian faith."he said, as he went on to welcome 32 camp survivors-31 of whom were Polish Catholics, and one a Jew.

Oh look, another Christian leader playing Victim.

Just what we all needed (Pope bashing from the Boston Globevia Jason)