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27 July 2005

Happy Imbolc (2nd or 7th August 2005)

Flowing from what Supergirl had to say below, I have to add that most pagans today are fully aware that their gods are created by themselves, and insofar as religion goes, this is pretty healthy.

The gods are archetypes and extensions of ourselves-with all the good and evil that that implies.

Right, now-Imbolc

From the Irish Gaelic meaning in the belly,it is also known as Oimelc, meaning ewe’s milk.

Celebrated around the start of February in the Northern Hemisphere, this festival celebrates the coming of the lambing season, and thus the start of Spring.

Snow may still lie on the ground, but early flowers are pushing up through it, and all the world is stirring from Winters’ long sleep.

Associated with St Brigid, co-opted by the Christian Church as they couldn’t get rid of her, Imbolc is a Return of the Goddess sabbat. In Ireland and some parts of Scotland, a dolly made of the last of the harvest’s corn stalks was dressed in female clothing and laid in a bed near the hearth, together with a phallic wand.

If , in the morning, footprints were seen in the ashes of the grating, the coming year would be fruitful.

So, another desperate fertility festival, then.

Actually, Bridie has become one of my favourite Sabbats, as full of new beginnings and joyful returns as it is.

I’ve never tried making a Brigid’s Cross,

yet, but maybe I’ll have a go this year.

Imbolc , Made-Up-Gods’-Blessings to you all.

25 July 2005

What is the difference between the fantasy world of Harry Potter and the fantasy world religions hold up every day to their followers?

That time again. Glad to see that the Afrikaans (nogal) media has found a rational gem in Chris Claasen.

17 July 2005

more of the same

Seeing Jesus in everyday items is so passé, I mean, like get real, get the internets, get Google Maps!

Woman sees image of Jesus set in stone

Now I know this is not how it’s done, but I couldn’t help myself I simply had to steal this entire article. This is standup comedian material, expertly composed, with a knee slapping punch line in virtually every paragraph.
Woman sees image of Jesus set in stone

Sarah Viren

Published July 17, 2005

SEABROOK — Cathy Zinante laughs about the woman who spotted the Virgin Mary in her grilled cheese sandwich. She has her doubts about the guy on eBay claiming the Lord is imprinted in his busted baseball.

But when it comes to her Jesus rock, Zinante is dead serious.

She found the walnut-sized stone among muddy cow prints beside a Hallettsville pond in May. The rock is nearly translucent, save for some cloudy spots and dark lines.

When Zinante holds it up to the light just right, she swears she can see Jesus’ face embedded in four different places in the hard surface.

“Every day I look at this rock and I see different things — every day — and it is just so fascinating to me,” she said, sitting at her kitchen table in Seabrook beside a well-worn Bible and a glass bowl filled with rocks of different shapes and colors.

Seeing divine images in inanimate objects is nothing new.

“Paranormal investigator” Joe Nickell said humans have a tendency to find patterns in randomness. Science calls examples of this “simulacra.”

“The most famous one is the Man in the Moon — most people see a face in the moon,” said Nickell, a regular columnist for Skeptical Inquirer magazine. “These simulacra can be seen by everybody, but the people who are most likely to look for them will be highly religious people.”

Nowadays, people sell their Virgin Mary water stains and tater tots embedded with Jesus’ images on eBay, the online auction site.

That woman with the grilled cheese? She sold her leftovers for $28,000.

Nickell says the mass media have helped popularize these images, but eBay has ferried in a new brand of religious entrepreneurs.

Zinante found her little piece of Jesus on a Friday the 13th, two days after she prayed to God to send her a rock that could “make lots of money.”

At first she saw only a llama in the rock. Later it looked like a camel with a palm tree in the background. But later that week Zinante held it up to the light and saw what she believes is an image of the Son of God.

“It just hit me; it was like, ‘Wow, this is Jesus,’” she recalled. “It’s just an amazing rock.”

Sound crazy? Zinante says she expects that reaction.

“These people who don’t believe, they will think I am crazy and that is just how it is,” she said. “To me this is like — it’s very strong to me.”

The 53-year-old, who spends most days watching her “grandbabies,” is a born-again Christian. She found religion one Sunday morning when the TV got stuck on the Bible Channel and televangelist Jan Crouch seemed to hold her eye.

That was right after Sept. 11, less than two years after Zinante lost her own mother. The two had been “like this,” she says holding her middle and index fingers tightly together.

Religion returned meaning to her life. She hopes the rock will give her a future.

“I believe in miracles,” Zinante said. “Maybe this rock will be what my mission is, what I am supposed to do. Maybe I need to get me a little van and take off. I don’t know yet.”

Zinante is not sure she could sell her Jesus rock on eBay. She’d prefer taking it on tour or bringing it on the Jay Leno show. One of her dreams is to show the stone to Mel Gibson, director of the blockbuster movie “The Passion of the Christ.”

Zinante, who grew up in Montana but later lived in Galveston, has always collected rocks. She has also always had the ability — or determination — to see figures in inanimate objects. One of her rocks looks like it has a kolache in the middle, she says. Another resembles a pinky finger with a tiny nail.

The Jesus stone, though, holds a special spot, enshrined in silver Silly Putty in a plastic display case on a shelf in her kitchen.

Zinante can’t count the times she looks at this rock each day. Most visitors get to see it. When she is alone, or her grandkids are sleeping, Zinante takes the plastic case off its shelf and holds the rock up to the light.

The longer she looks, the more she sees.

“I have a feeling that this rock has something to do with what I have yet to do,” she says, gently putting the case back on its shelf.

15 July 2005


I howled like a maniac this morning, seriously disturbing my colleagues. The cause was a comment from Infidel epepke on page 2 of this discussion about..well you'll have to read it for yourselves.I'm not clever enough to try explaining it.

You can't be the whole universe, because I'm the whole universe, and I don't want any competition. And if you don't like that, then I'll just sit on you, and we'll see which of us is more universe-like.
Have a great weekend, all!

13 July 2005

It's The God, Stupid!

Here I was, wondering how long it would take most of us to get the message that religion is an evil we really, really don’t need, when the London bombers handed me this neon sign, complete with whirling crescent-moons.

The silly excuses about people born and brought up in extreme poverty shouldn’t still be washing, I think-most suicide bombers appear to hail from middle or upper-middle class backgrounds, and some from wealthy and/or upper class ones.

Then it was the ‘alien cultures’ excuse, whereby the perpetrators were even partly excused by not having been raised in the cultures they targeted.

Hello, world-how much louder does it have to get?

The London bombers were probably all from Britain, having been born and raised in the British Isles.

Can I design a new bumper sticker, along the lines of those castigating people for not cottoning onto the real reason behind the American invasion of Iraq(‘It’s the Oil Stupid’)?

This one should be surrounded by a pastiche of symbols from the worlds’ major religions, and bear the logo: It’s The God, Stupid!

12 July 2005

Mind blowing ... not

OK so Blogger lets us upload images again. Wiskey. Tango. Foxtrot. look who we have here, them AIDS curing umfundi's, again, only thing is these guys don't have the will or the power to save the AIDS-orphans, shame.

08 July 2005

People are so Sad

...and sorry-looking.

If I found a people under a tree, I'd have to warn kids not to touch it.

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07 July 2005

Axe Murderer

I guess you're all aware of the stuff that's just happened in London. I just have one feeling at the moment: OK, which fucking monotheistic psycho-god worshipping prick wants to step up to the plate now?

I'm just the person to take your fucking head off.

05 July 2005


Noticed a whole spate ofpanicking campanologists lately?

Well, neither have I, but I used to be a bell ringer, in England, and coincidentally have suffered various phobic conditions of panic for many years.

It’s a conspiracy to keep the mathematically inclined impotent.

Ringers are suffering panic attacks, fearing the bells will fall on their heads or they are going to be strangled by the ropes.

You laugh? The usual topic of conversation in the ringers’ chamber is some gruesome account or other of how a careless campanologist met a sticky end.I kid you not.

But wait-what’s this?:

Some have had to stop taking part in what they call "the exercise" after years of ringing and suffer anxiety upon hearing the tolling of a bell or catching sight of a church tower.

A light begins to dawn.

What we have here, ladies and gentlemen, is proof of the latest in a long string of dastardly Atheist sub plots to terrorise good Christians away from Church.

There.All sorted out.

Specero, Satanus

James D Carmine blogs in”The Death of Atheism and the Birth of Malignant Gods”
For I am an atheist now, in a time when atheism is dying. And there is a new God coming. We can see his stern face in the new radical religious extremisms now racing around the world. And this new God may well be a more virulent God than the last God.

Is he right?

I hope he isn’t, and fear he may be.

And I do miss God, though to be honest the God of love was dead before I was even born. And I dread the new God on the horizon.


04 July 2005


Police in Gauteng are amazed that a "well-educated" medical doctor has been conned of R20 000 in a "tanzanite" scam.

Dr Kylee Montgomerie, 28, of Lyndhurst, lost all her savings to the scam last week.

Now she says the police are doing nothing because they feel she brought the loss upon herself through her own stupidity.

Montgomerie, a homeopath, has ...

(my emphasis) And.
"It was as if we were speaking hieroglyphics. They were laughing at us," she said, adding that the police acted as though she and her daughter were stupid.
Stupid, never! Dim-witted, naive or even feeble-minded would be more appropriate.

Time to Circle the Wagons

On World Net Daily there’s a report of a bunch of Christians who think the US has become a very Sodom and Gomorrah of countries. Take a look at the offenders themselves is moving thousands of Christians to South Carolina to reestablish constitutionally limited government founded upon Christian principles
Hmmm…think we’ve seen something like this before, a little closer to home?

03 July 2005

Different Religions Week

Religiously motivated violence is at a troubling level in the world today — 9/11 and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict come first to mind. Different Religions Week aims to take a few small steps away from the widespread ignorance and intolerance that fuels such tragedy.

We do not aim to directly change the views of the bigoted, but rather to publicize and popularize a simple statement of tolerance. Hopefully, by attending different religious services, sharing their experiences and encouraging their peers to attend with them, the open-minded participants in the week will plant the seeds of curiosity in those friends and family who are less ready to step outside of their worldviews. Eventually, we hope there will be a “domino effect” of increased understanding and peace that reaches to the far corners of the world and to the most closed of minds.

Planting the seeds of curiosity? Hmm, interesting concept. I recon that it what happened here in South Africa, especially in the Afrikaner community where we suddenly had to rethink EVERYTHING after apartheid, and most of us included religion in this rethinking exercise.