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30 November 2005

The Voluntary Human Extinction Movement

When every human chooses to stop breeding, Earth's biosphere will be allowed to return to its former glory. This is the best idea I've heard. Ever!

28 November 2005

Truth be Told

25 November 2005


Here's an interesting perspective on a NYT article on hynosis.

Get your NYT login here.

23 November 2005

All the world is a current

All theories can be presented, but if somebody jumps up and profess that THE BIG BANG theory is false, the hair on my neck stands up - there are so many assumptions that make up the BBT, that I am going to swallow very hard on such a statement. He does not have a substitute theory for the origin of the universe which makes me wonder how he propose to determine that the BBT is false. I'm not inclined to take this seriously, for the sole (and extremely superficial I know) fact that it is presented poorly (and the blatant attack on conventional cosmology is contradicting). I'm not even interested to investigate the validity of this… Here's a summary:
• The entire cosmos is permeated with plasma. In some regions (within a galaxy, within a solar system) the plasma is denser than it is in others. In some cases the plasma is visible, in some, not. But everywhere our spacecraft have gone - they have found it.

• The electrical properties of plasma vastly outweigh its mechanical (gravitational) properties.

• There is nothing mysterious about magnetic fields. They do not "get tangled up", "break", "merge", or "reconnect". They require electric currents in order to exist.

• The relative distances between even the most densely packed stars are vast in comparison to the stars' diameters.

• The homopolar motor - generator shape seems to be ubiquitous. Stars, pulsars, and galaxies are organized in this morphology.

• The z-pinch effect that occurs in Birkeland currents (electrical currents that flow through plasmas) is responsible for the accretion of stars, planets, and galaxies.

• It is highly likely that the solar system started out as a collinear array of "Herbig - Haro" type objects formed by a z-pinch.

• The presumption that, if an object exhibits redshift, it must be far away - is false.

• The Big Bang Theory is false.

• There is a lot more electrical activity out there in the cosmos than astrophysicists seem to want to admit.

• Astrophysicists and cosmologists need to take some courses in Electrodynamics field theory and experimental plasma physics.

• Astrophysicists need to stop acting in a "knee-jerk" confrontational way to any new ideas, especially those involving electricity.

• Astrophysicists should stop dreaming up impossible imaginary entities such as black holes, neutron stars, strange matter, WIMPs, MACHOs, and MOND, when a perfectly real and well understood body of knowledge stands ready to explain all the things that "mystify" them.

22 November 2005

The Devil is in the Details

Apparently, it’s not just me who’s noticed an overabundance of Satanic Panic in this country An Aussie newspaper gives a bewildered-sounding account of our demonically-inspired countrymen in Satanism in South Africa

The only thing worse than having an enemy is not having one," says University of the Witwatersrand psychologist Gavin Ivey, who has published a paper on the phenomenon. "These guys are just a waste of taxpayers' money." As one enemy disappears, another has to be conjured up."

My friend Ariel Damon, over at SAPRA has been waging an on-again, off-again war with the like of the SAP’s occult unit

Frankly, they’re a bunch of clowns, without even a decent matinee in the offing, so I’m inclined to leave them to rot. Err…the occult unit, that is.

Who did you think I meant???

21 November 2005


By partnering with the leading manufacturers of brain implants, Braintec has been an active participant in the advancement of bio-chemical storage. Neurological leaders identified the need for more accurate stimulation of the amagdale and hypothalamus-area to improve our knowledge of the human brain. Braintec provided the solution through the development of two unique brain implants. By combining advanced capabilities in memory research and the ability to store MEMES, Braintec continues its remarkable research and reaches beyond the imagination.
Ok, so it's a hoax, but it's done very well.

18 November 2005

I found Jesus!

Now you can find him too. Go to the link and make sure you have sound to enjoy the full religious experience.

11 November 2005

Malevolent Design?

Found an interesting online resource todayThe Revealer is concerned with news of the religious.

From our perspective, mostly.

‘Us’ being people who think that, frankly, the religious nutjobs are in danger of ending it for all humanity.

the possibility of an Evil Designer
The Designer who so Intelligently Designed our world, in theory, could be malevolent or capricious just as easily as he could be all good. He might have designed us intelligently, but for the purpose of watching us tear each others' throats out. He might have designed us intelligently, but on a whim, and then forgotten all about us. In theological terms, ID suggests forces operating upon the world from without, but it does not say whether that those forces are good or evil. You could hypothesize, for example, that a Satanist could step forward to support ID. Yes, the world shows evidence of an intelligent designer, but one with a sick sense of humor. Therefore, the Satanist might conclude, Intelligent Design is correct, and we should worship the Devil, since the world seems more like his handiwork than the Other Guy's.

…..Or that of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, it is needless to add on this blog.

Frankly, I’m rather found of Cthulhu,as, unlike the Christian God, one knows where one stands with this one. Going insane and being eaten, that is.
With Yaweh, you just never do know.

03 November 2005

Kul Wahad

I am profoundly moved.
By some musicians, no less.

Since this is very unusual for me, I thought I'd better blog it. Gaia Consort .

Music for Freethinkers and Pagans. I have purchased their excellent CD 'Evolve'. Actually I bought it for Warren's birthday, but it failed to arrive in the post. Christopher was a gent, and sent me another, which we've just got, in time for my birthday.

And he refused to charge me for it.