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31 August 2004

Pest was God's test: Lima - Athens2004 At first I felt sorry for the guy, but now it looks like he should have kept his trap shut! He'd been expecting this from his god all along. And then he goes on about god's plan form him, actually complaining saying:"It caused me physical and emotional problems. I can't say whether I would have won the gold medal or not but it certainly caused me a lot of trouble." I guess this is what Jesus must have felt like, hanging on Skydad's cross, physically and emotionally very troubled.

Cloning from the dead

How's this for an unsavory twist to the whole cloning debate.
Panayiotis Zavos, of the Kentucky Center for Reproductive Medicine, Lexington, US, say his team has shown that cells taken from humans after death could be used for cloning. This latest work is purely experimental and no embryos were implanted for cloning, said Zavos, announcing the results at his own press conference in London, UK.New Scientist

If God would just lighten up, faith could be fun, not blind

The Australian: If God would just lighten up, faith could be fun, not blind [September 01, 2004] If we can get TV shows like this in South Africa I'll buy a bloody set! Conspiracy Intro Conspiracy Intro Don your tinfoil caps, no its not Linda Newkirk visiting us boers, no, we'll be exploring the 3rd and 4th density with Harry Potter and Arnie the Antichrist. (I know you thought it was David Hasselhoff, didn't you? ) We shall learn how to use foil emergency blankets to attenuate beamed mind programming microwave signals from cellphone towers.

30 August 2004

Triplet is a 'gift from god'

Girl nearly has trips in class Impoverished teenager believes her triplet is a gift from god ... is god an idiot or what? Why not rather give her a means for survival and a better life, but no!

Storm in a tea cup?

Hate websites 'stable' at 400 'only around 0.015% of websites contain hate speech'

Beware of 'Mr Wobbly'

27 August 2004

Rational Religion??

Nuwe Hervorming Forum Die Nuwe Hervorming se webwef. Interressante artikels oor die benadering van die Christen geloof op 'n rationele basis.

Revenge is sweet

Study: Revenge is sweet Revenge feels sweet and Swiss researchers are saying they have brain scans to prove it.

Demonic BBC Radio

Wonder why the religious get involved in murder,corruption, fraud and sundry evil ways of life so often? It's apparently becausetheir countries are run by Satan "These are all satanic regimes corroborated with hell, connected with the BBC radio and some evil politician in the government. " quoth Archbishop Gilbert Deya . It's definitely not the religious leaders who are mad.

26 August 2004

BlogShares - Fantasy Blog Share Market

Fantasy Blog Share Market Nurtle, you would prob like this. We assisted The Raving Atheist, he is experiencing a PR problem (Terri, any idea?) and his shares are not doing too well.

Newton no longer the apple of physicists eye

Mail and Guardian Online: Newton no longer the apple of physicists eye top-10 rundown is: 1. Joseph Swan 2. Sir Edward Appleton 3. Sir Isaac Newton 4. Michael Faraday: In 1831 he showed how a magnet could induce an electrical current in a wire, the principle behind the electric motor. 5. Paul Dirac: The Anglo-Swiss 20th-century physicist explained the magnetic spin properties of the electron, essential for modern electronics. 6. John Flamsteed: The first Astronomer Royal, who died in 1719, he listed more than 3 000 stars, giving their positions more accurately than ever before. 7. William Robert Grove: In 1839 he created the first fuel cell, which combined hydrogen and oxygen to produce electricity and water. 8. Sir Ernest Rutherford: While born in New Zealand, he was of Scottish stock and formulated the first explanation of radioactivity while at England's Manchester University in the early 20th century. 9. John Dalton: Born in 1866, the deviser of Dalton's Law on the properties of gases under pressure, still used by scuba divers. 10. James Clerk Maxwell: He devised electromagnetic theory, providing the tools that led to such things as radio, television and cellphones.

Criminal Saves Cost of Trial

25 August 2004

Home of the mosque shaped alarm clock

Home of the mosque shaped alarm clock Ever feel the need to subject your coworkers to a religious tolerance test, on the hour every hour. Be sure to listen to a sample of the alarm.

Poll suggests public has grown weary of politicians talking religion

The Philadelphia Inquirer It sure is quiet on the atheistic news front, and this American story is about the only thing to have caught my eye in the last couple of days.

23 August 2004

Gorilla National Empowerment

I ‘ve been miserably mulling over the comparison of South Africa’s national average IQ with those of Koko the Gorilla , according to which we are certainly dumber than an ape. Then I had a brainwave. All we have to do is to secretly administer creatine, which boosts IQ significantly in the nation’s mealiepap, and Bob’s your Uncle, a nation of Empowered People. There’s got to be something wrong with my logic there. Oh well, at least it serves to diffuse the road rage-just imagine all those tin boxes on wheels being manipulated by a country of Kokos.

19 August 2004

Verify your marital status

South African Department of Home Affairs Only in South Africa. I really hoped that someone very rich would have the urge to marry me without my consent, but the Lord had other plans ....

18 August 2004

Archeology & Christianity

This news about the archeological find linked to John the Baptist sold quite a few newspapers recently. However, I still remember the last biblical discovery to reach the front pages, the "James ossuary", that all too quietly, fizzled out when it turned out to be a fake. Meanwhile…
...a controversy is growing as archaeological experts are now raising doubts whether a community of monastic Essenes Jews living in Qumran actually wrote the Dead Sea Scrolls. Yesterday, archaeologists who are financed by Christian fundamentalist organizations said at a news conference that despite recent theories to the contrary, there was a community at Qumran which could be called "the oldest monastery in the Western world." The archaeologists said they intend to find the proof that the residents of the site indeed wrote the Dead Sea Scrolls, found in nearby caves in 1947.
Is this just me or does intend to find proof and archaeologists in a single sentence not sound all that lekker?

Those Damned Animal-Sacrificing Greeks

Pravda carries this as a fairly straight news item

Humerous House

Witness a human sacrifice! Feast your eyes on a grody abortion! Blame teen suicide on heavy metal! Find out why it’s wrong to be gay! Descend into the pits o’ hell! Check out Hell House as conceptualized by The Centre for Inquiry-West. They used the original script from those Originators of Love for Humanity, the Abundant Life Christian Center. I was just a bit put out by this disclaimer though: “HOLLYWOOD HELL HOUSE is not in any way an indictment of religion, Christianity, or the Bible. Its purpose is to demonstrate the absurdity of a literal interpretation of the Bible, specifically the belief in a literal everlasting Hell.” Damn wusses.

17 August 2004

Escape from Anxiety

s11 Socrates' says, "The most important thing is not life, but the good life." Life in itself is not worthwhile, only living the good life justly and virtuously is of any worth. If the good life is the virtuous life, then the good life is also synonymous with the life that most efficiently distracts against anxiety. Yet, distraction is subjective, so each individual must choose the belief system that "fits" him best. The sociological factors that contribute to the decision to choose one particular system (perhaps a religious revelation or an injustice) are irrelevant; simply put by (Lucky) Luke, "A man's got to go his own way sometimes." The important aspect is the fact that without this one belief system, life is not worth living. Socrates and Luke thus choose to die happily instead of living anxiously.

Religious pollution

Like I mentioned earlier, I have developed mild banner blindness, but somehow I still battling to develop my billboard blindness skills. I find it rather difficult to ignore these colossal signs screaming corporate messages at me, as it is, but now these monstrosities are pollution our urban landscape with religious messages. Like this one, on the M1 motorway in Johannesburg: My curiosity led me to their internet lair at and as expected, it turned out to be a fundamentalist Xtian church obviously aimed at less sophisticated folk. My curiosity quickly turned to morbid fascination, and while browsing through their ‘Woman’ section I found this rather amazing piece of explaining ‘A wife's purpose’ . Read it and weep!
If only wives would realise their purpose in this world, they would avoid many problems in their marriages. I say this because usually a wife expects many things from her husband (who in fact, is the one who should expect much from his wife); she was made for him and not the other way around! An example of this is when a wife complains about the workload at home. All wives should know that God expects them to serve their husbands and that includes the home duties. For instance, a husband should be able to come home and find the following:
  • His lovely wife clean and fresh, anxiously waiting to greet him with a smile at the door.
  • His house clean and cosy, emitting peace at the end of a busy day.
  • His children well behaved awaiting his return.
  • A healthy delicious dinner already set at the table for the whole family.
  • His clothes cleaned and ironed in the wardrobe for his convenience.
  • The towels fresh and clean for a warm shower at the end of a day.
  • Clean bed linen for his good night's sleep.
  • Open communication with his wife without the bills being the main topic.
  • Is this too much to ask? If we see our husbands as if they were the Lord Jesus Himself, would it be a problem for us to provide him with all the above and more? But isn't it how the Bible says we should see them? "Wives, submit yourselves unto your own husbands, as unto the Lord. For the husband is the head of the wife, even as Christ is the head of the church; and He is the saviour of the body. Therefore as the church is subject unto Christ, so let the wives be to their own husbands in everything." (Ephesians. 5:22-2)
    Oh but that’s not all, they’ve also discovered a cure for HIV through healing prayer. Too bad healing prayer doesn’t anything for AIDS orphans. But, hey, why care about orphans; if you can afford billboard advertising it’s the good life!

    Get Your Free Stickers

    Quite Nice Although I'm not too sure that they'd be appreciated-or even understood-in this country.

    16 August 2004

    exorcism "The 26-year-old woman was arrested after she allegedly killed her two year son by stabbing him and burning his eyes with a hot-iron because she believed he was possessed. " This is so sickening, at first I thought I would ignore this, but with do it yourself exorcism becoming so popular these days I just had to blog.

    13 August 2004

    Happy Hecate Day . As observed by the Greeks, not the Romans that is. Since it’s also less than 3 days to the New Moon, we should pour libations to this Lady: while intoning the following charming litany: “Hail, Grandmother Spider, Crone and crow, Wisewoman, elder, seer, Help us face, and destroy Our fear Hail Hecate of the Crossroads, Oh old and ominous presence glowing Your waning numinous crescent going Hail Atropos, Cutter, With your waning silver scythe, You cut the thread of Life.”

    12 August 2004

    Buddhists call in sangomas

    Maybe it's just me, but this sounds just so bad and wrong. Gril.
    The Buddhist temple in Bronkhorstspruit called on the help of sangomas last week in an attempt to curb crime in the area. news24

    Yay, Yay, we have been spidered by Google!

    11 August 2004

    Christian Crimeline

    Christian Crimeline shows just how naughty those christians have been. Stoute bliksems!

    Crank Dot Net

    Crank Dot Net Industrial strength crackpots be here.

    Die Spookhuis sal nooit weer dieselfde wees nie!

    Mail and Guardian Online: Boeremag had breeding plans 'The Boeremag dreamed of using a building like that of Armscor in Pretoria as a sort of breeding farm for "a new [Afrikaner] nation", the city's High Court heard on Tuesday.' 'keep a bunch of women, isolate them and inseminate them with [the sperm of] Boeremag members to start a new nation' And still they do not *get* why the government is prosecuting them and everyone else is giggeling. All of a sudden the Mormons seem normal.

    Superman vs Jesus

    Superman or Jesus? 'A powerful father from beyond the heavens sends his son on a fateful journey to earth to become a saviour for humanity' My $$ on Superman :D

    In the Hall of Maat

    Still harping on the Pagan Loonies theme a bit here; I find them irritating at best when they dive in and try to rewrite history. The Burning Times, Margaret Mead, FamTrad….what a pile of crap. Many Black Conciousness groups have tried their hands at positing a World History which made them out to be slightly less of the World Class Losers than they seem. Feminist Groups have attempted the same thing along slightly different lines, even claiming that the female of the species is the original of Mankind, and the male a wimpy mutation/leech. How refreshing then for a Nazi like me to find these folk, who appear to be seriously weighing the evidence. They give Graham Hancock a good bashing, too.

    10 August 2004

    Olie Kolonie

    Finance24 'Soaring oil prices have stirred a long-standing debate among experts about how much crude remains in the ground and how to manage the countdown to when the reserves run dry.' Which is it then, the 'terror' factor (political instability) or the depletion of reserves? The USA should be penalised for their high consumption per capita instead of this substitution (by smaller and poorer countries) with a high brent crude oil price.

    09 August 2004

    Paganism revives in Russia

    On the weekend I watched film made by an exiled Russian Andrei Tarkovski in 1966 about the life of Andrei Rublev, a 15th century Russian icon painter. It is a complex and harrowing movie with no discernable storyline, it strings scenes in his life together as chapters, without commentary. A few of the chapters impressed me, in one night scene Andrei, the gentle painting monk, comes across a horde of savage pagans busy with some unholy rite, running naked with torches through a forest into a river where they launched a raft with flowers and a candle. In the next chapter the monk witnessed the persecution of some of these pagans, and then in a later chapter he witnesses a crucifixion executed by the soldiers of a Russian prince. Now I don’t know if these chapters were linked in any way, were pagans crucified or was this some sort of xtian self sacrifice? This might just expose the level of my ignorance, but I never knew about these Russian pagans. And in my search on the net I came across this, rather old, page:
    IN THE FOREST shrine, the meat of two rams and a goat cook in great cauldrons suspended from wooden frames. Cloth belts stained with the blood of these sacrificial animals hang from the trees. Higher up, the branches are festooned with votive offerings--items of clothing brought by people who claim to have been cured during earlier ritual sacrifices. This is a scene not from the distant European past but from Russia's Marl El Republic today. Located along the Volga River some 400 miles east of Moscow, Mari El has solid indigenous populations of Muslims and Buddhists. Pagans are spread more thinly, but they have emerged as a presence, even a political force, during the past decade both here and in many areas of Siberia. Paganism in Russia + Russia, Paganism, Neo-Paganism

    06 August 2004

    Huh? As Bush gets it wrong

    Huh? As Bush gets it wrong [his administration will "never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people." ] Freudian slip anyone?

    Terri's in a Maudlin Mood Today

    ...well, not really, but a couple of things have set me thinking again. Something I only do about once a season. Five years ago, I had nearly completed the destruction of most of my brain, and was left for dead by my wonderful family. I was also at that time a complete and utter wimp. Today, as my freind Azza charmingly points out, I can be intimidating . New nerve cells, anyone? Hey, maybe I can start a business selling ways to irritate a theist. Serve them right.

    05 August 2004

    The Reality Club: The Evolution of Culture

    The Reality Club: The Evolution of Culture Enjoyed this, but meme lovers, beware!

    What Use is Religion?

    For the proponents of a Darwinian theory of Religion, the following question has always been problem: . . . it only raises the question of why a mind would evolve to find comfort in beliefs it can plainly see are false. A freezing person finds no comfort in believing he is warm; a person face-to-face with a lion is not put at ease by the conviction that it is a rabbit. (Steven Pinker."How the Mind Works") So readMy Hero's Take On It wherein he concludes : 'Darwinian selection sets up childhood brains with a tendency to believe their elders. It sets up brains with a tendency to imitate, hence indirectly to spread rumors, spread urban legends, and believe religions. But given that genetic selection has set up brains of this kind, they then provide the equivalent of a new kind of nongenetic heredity, which might form the basis for a new kind of epidemiology, and perhaps even a new kind of nongenetic Darwinian selection. I believe that religion is one of a group of phenomena explained by this kind of nongenetic epidemiology, with the possible admixture of nongenetic Darwinian selection. If I am right, religion has no survival value for individual human beings, nor for the benefit of their genes. The benefit, if there is any, is to religion itself. '

    04 August 2004

    Reality check:

    It sometimes feel myself becoming pleasantly distanced from the reference frame of those religious people around me. As a result I then also find myself rationalising and underestimating the role atheism plays in my life. Only to be violently brought back to their twisted take on reality by reading about their superstitious stupidity.
    "We were there for nearly the whole night and saw stones falling from the sky like rain," said Vhembe police spokesperson Ailwei Mushavhanamadi. "We went around the area to make sure someone wasn't throwing stones on the roof on purpose, but we didn't find anyone." Police then advised the family to consult with spirit mediums about the phenomenon. "Maybe if the family contacts someone who deals with evil spirits, like a pastor, the problem will stop," he said.Boing Boing
    It is so easy to become blinded by our liberal constitution the freedom or liberties guaranteed by it. But enter the religious folk whom we can trust to find disapointingly medieval ways of displaying their lack of understanding of basic human rights. Today we feature the bonus activities featured at your local St John Apostolic Faith Mission.
    "The plight of mentally ill people was highlighted on Tuesday when it emerged that a North Rand church was holding eight people in chains because it believed they were possessed by demons."IOL
    Also today the, Noupoort Christian Care centre, where punishment takes place in a Christian, Passion of The Christ, loving but lethal setting.
    The centre has been in the news often since the death of patient Ernest Coetzee in 2000. Less than a year later, a 16-year old patient died there too, having been found chained by the neck to the door of a cell in the punishment wing. The centre has never been registered with the department, with questions of financial irregularity, human rights abuses and inadequate staff qualifications hanging over its head since it opened in 1991.IOL

    03 August 2004

    '400 000 legal abortions'

    '400 000 legal abortions' Abortion is wrong as it kills future voters. How's that for utter religious claptrap! (I am actually pissed that something like that even makes it into the papers.)

    Aljazeera.Net - US alert based on 'old' information

    Aljazeera.Net - US alert based on 'old' information Much of the information that led the United States to raise alerts in Washington and New York are at least three years old, say reports. Here we go again ...

    Article: Dietary neurotoxin linked to Alzheimer's| New Scientist

    For those of us who harbour pathological worries about Alzheimer's Disease (OK, for my own sake, alright?)remember to lay off the Flying Foxes

    02 August 2004

    Face by Bela Borsodi

    Washing day will never be the same after this! OMG, I think I saw the face of Jesus in the washing.

    get your war on

    Get your war on is wonderfully dark and cynical, just the way I like it.

    The Raving Atheist