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24 April 2006

Aluminium and Radical Goddess Thealogy

There go my pots and pans

Although to be honest, my Dad was convinced that aluminium was the cause od Mom’s early onset Alzheimer’s all along.
"Once aluminium binds to proteins, it sticks for good," ... "It's like trying to use superglue to mend a Swiss watch."
The fact that the village’s water supply was contaminated 18 years ago by accident notwithstanding,
The only way to ingest aluminium would be by cooking acidic foods such as rhubarb or tomato, which would react with the metal.
so out go the cooking pots I bought 7 years ago-high time for a new set in any case.

On a mostly unrelated note, here’s the link I promised the Supergirl yesterday
Athana, whether you agree with her (admitedly) radical views on history, has some tell-it-like-it-is things to say to what she terms the ‘Flies Boys’ and those of us still toeing the Patritheistic line, subconciously or not. One of my favourite lines was to the Judeo-Christian-Muslim population at large:”You’re worshipping Filth”
Amen to that.

07 April 2006

"Did Jesus walk on water - or skate on ice?"

The Bible says Jesus walked on water but could there be a less miraculous explanation? Was the son of God in fact skating on a hidden piece of ice?

03 April 2006

Precambrian Archaeology

I'm not so sure about God though, maybe we can slot the FSM in there?

I have had an epiphany, you see I have realized the error of my "evilutionist" ways and have been born again. Since I don't have millions to donate to the church (I spent all my money trying to get an education in a vain attempt to deny GOD) I have decided the best way I can spread the message is through my blog. To that end I have developed a radical new theory to explain lifes origins (God did it). I have also developed an radical new creation science I call "Precambrian Archaeology". The basis of this new theory is as follows.

02 April 2006

Church meets kink

Shame these poor religious buggers, still grappling with 'teh gay', and now they've been saddled with teh kink. What tickles me pink though, is, what exactly are the Biblical objections to the kinky lifestyle, for the Bible is the ultimate kinksters guide to religion.

A South African dominatrix has given up her battle to live in a vicarage, telling the church's congregation they can "shove" the disputed residence, a local newspaper reported Wednesday.
via Gloria Brame