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14 December 2006

Christians Fearing Women

Hey, lookee here:

Williams warned of Church anarchy


Ah, yes-those secondary-citizens, those pieces of barter, those created-for-mankind's pleasure. Those women. It strikes me straight off that their supposedly omnipotent god is apparently powerless to protect his own church against these demons of the deep.

Therefore, around 2000 evangelical ministers have started whingeing to the Archbishop of Canterbury to protect the church from females.And gays getting married.

Oh, and probably a hundred other things all neatly parcelled under the auspice of liberal .

This seems to have becaome a swearword since I was young.Liberal used to mean enlightened and educated.
Or does it still mean those things, and have we largely developed a fear of them?

For we only ask for protection against that which we fear.

Perhaps this Cretan Preistess is an example of what it is they fear. Women leading their own praise and worship, maybe even brandishing snakes. Oh My.
Additionally, traditionalist Anglo-Catholics who oppose female ordination are threatening similar action if they are not provided with sufficient protection when women are consecrated as bishops.

13 December 2006

Midweek FeelGood Post

Tim Boucher over at Pop Occulture has the definitive uplifting post on the therapeutic and other benefits of smashing your cellphone

I mean, like taking a rock to it.

The feelings flowing through me at that moment were indescribable and powerful. I began to feel shaky inside, and nervous and extremely happy and also powerful. It was a strange and exhilirating mix as I brought the rock down again and again onto the helpless phone
This just made my bloody day. Go look at the photos, too.

08 December 2006

A Couple of Religious Moments Before the Weekend

In Somalia , the appropriately named Sheik Hussein Barre Rage threatens to behead anyone who doesn’t pray 5 times a day .

Strikes me as a good old fashioned godly commandment actually.

Meanwhile, across the globe in Virginia, Pagans have been snarkily using a forum intended for Christians , set up by the Rev Falwell, to further a completely different agenda.

That one looks like fun.
Indeed, fundies have been frothing.Gallop over here . and all go ‘ag, shame’
Or, even better, here for as fine a showing of hypocrisy as ever you will find.