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29 November 2004

Beyond Being and Becoming

Another splendid Metafilter find:
Brussels--Questions about time are at the very heart of science. But for too long there has been a conflict between what seemed to be eternal, to be out of time--classical ideas of laws of nature--and what was in time: human experience.

Nothing hellish here though, just a fun link.

Kerke groei wyl misdaad floreer

'n Ou Afrikaanse berigie uit die Beeld, 'n fokken vrilike opsomming van alles wat in en om die huis van Wolkepappie sou gebeur het in die laaste jaar, duidelik lees hulle nie ons blog nie!
"Wel, dit was 'n jaar waarin mense hulle in teensprake uitgedruk het. En dit is wonderlik. Dit wys hoe diep en vry ons nou oor godsdiens kan dink. Irma Kroeze het ges� die Christendom is toksies vir vroue as God 'n man is; en Koos Kombuis het ges� hy dink God is eintlik 'n nice ou. En dit was interessant, want die mense was meer bekommerd omdat hy God 'nice' genoem het as dat hy God 'n 'ou' genoem het."

28 November 2004

You may be a fundamentalist atheist if...

These guys made a little 'you may be' list and I've been told it is ROFLMAO stuff ... hardy har har.

25 November 2004

The Miracle of the Hello Kitty cheese sandwich

This just had to happen. Image hosted by

Oh, and while we're on this subject, how about the Nunbun(TM), though my first thought was Taliban.

24 November 2004

Spammers use the Lawrd's name to part firewalls

The only spam that could ever reach me, was a ton of that preacher spam...
Can’t decide whether this is good or bad news, mostly good I think, like in a Chinese water torture for Xtians kind of way ;-)

23 November 2004

The hidden pages

Image hosted by

Since we met the guys behind this Society of the Invisible Pink Unicorn site at the last atheist meetup, I reckon we can give them a hand in getting their invisible site out of the abyss of search engine obscurity, and while we’re at it why not mention the equally obscure South African Atheism page.

The joy of atheism

With some reference to Supergirl’s blog about happiness, maybe this extends much further than just happiness. I’ve noticed that I find it increasingly difficult to relate to more and more people around me. Most often it feels like it is getting harder or just impossible to find common ground. Not that it is difficult to find geeky subjects to discuss, but sooner or later the discussion will veer into realm of how godfucked people are stuffing up, and this is where the problems usually starts.

Image hosted by ImageHost.orgMaybe this is a symptom of blogging, because short of going out to find blogging material, I instead only pay more attention to the little quirky tales in the mainstream media, but in the process I find myself exposed to more and more real bad shit happening out there. Bad shit that the people around me doesn’t seem to care about, because it doesn’t affect them (yet!), this same people would rather visit a movie theater to have their emotions manipulated end their sensibilities patronized by happy endings! While I also find myself instead emotionally tortured by real events, like that sixteen-year-old girl getting hanged in Iran. I could avoid news like this, just like I avoid the movies, but it is not going to make it go away. WTF, I’m I turning into some militant proselytizing anti-religious activist, planting those little seeds of doubt wherever I go?

Richard Dawkins, atheism’s self-proclaimed PR officer, and others, often in defense of atheism, talk about the wonderful journey of discovering nature free from the limitations of religion or superstition, and that sits just fine with me. The only thing is, I don’t spend half my time awe inspired by the wonderful godless universe, instead I live in (what seems like self inflicted) a ‘shock an awe’ stupor. Why can I, not like other atheists, free myself from this rabid obsession with human right issues and religion? It is a slippery slope from here isn’t it?

22 November 2004

Happiness is ....

Conventional wisdom tells us that happiness is just a feeling, but American scientists are currently mapping the emotional circuitry of the brain. Happiness does not in fact exist in the heart but in the left prefrontal cortex of the brain

Give Them Some of That Free-Market Religion

"The evolutionary future of religion is extinction." -- Anthony Wallace, Antropologist "According to the Pew survey, 60 percent of Americans said religion had a very important role in their lives; 48 percent believed that the United States has a special protection from God; 54 percent said they had an 'unfavorable' view of atheists." Americans are more churchgoing and pious than Germans or Canadians because the United States has the most open religious market, with dozens of religious denominations competing vigorously to offer their flavor of salvation, becoming extremely responsive to the needs of their parishes. Europeans, they argue, are fundamentally just as religious as Americans, with similar metaphysical concerns, but they suffer from a uncompetitive market - lazy, quasi-monopolistic churches that have been protected from competition by the state.

21 November 2004

Church air is 'threat to health'

Church air was found to be considerably higher in carcinogenic polycyclic hydrocarbons than air beside roads travelled by 45,000 vehicles daily.
Good thing we've got the power of prayer to offset this danger! Also, I suppose this stuff will keep the mosquitoes away and prevent people from becoming SHIVERING YELLOW SHITS FOR JESUS!
Dr. Shah, a professor in the department of public health sciences at the faculty of medicine at the University of Toronto, has found that nearly 20% of deaths in Canada a year—up to 43,000—are attributable to low levels of spirituality. This figure compares to previous studies associating between 38,000 and 45,000 deaths a year to smoking, he says.
WTF, did they lift this from the Onion?

20 November 2004


Not many English here, also very very nublie single clergymen from Vatican! Image hosted by

T-Shirt Hell

Image hosted by

19 November 2004

Beer for Jesus program

18 November 2004

Pigs are so gay!

Pigs are such men!

15 November 2004

Researcher 'finds Atlantis'

Another one ... If we wait long enough, the whole planet will be declared as the lost Atlantis.

10 November 2004

Air Force to study psychic teleportation

Ok, so stem cell research is just to damn geeky. Lets rather try ...

Image hosted by

The Air Force Research Lab's August "Teleportation Physics Report," posted earlier this week on the Federation of American Scientists (FAS) Web site, struck a raw nerve with physicists and critics of wasteful military spending.

In the report, author Eric Davis says psychic teleportation, moving yourself from location to location through mind powers, is "quite real and can be controlled." The 88-page report also reviews a range of teleportation concepts and experiments:

Atheists Healed!

Ames tells News 4 WOAI he has seen it all, even atheists cured and healed
Err..”of what?” I hear you ask. Of their demon-posessed logic, evidently.
Ames touched every single person on his head. Some reacted with strong emotion and several fell on the floor.
Did anyone watch last Sunday’s Derren Brown Show? Now there’s an impressive man! Made a Kung-Fu student fall over from a blow to the gut which didn’t actually touch the bloke-and was delivered from behind! However, Derren Brown doesn’t pretend to be the instrument of anything other than good psychology and (sometimes) a little razzle-dazzle. But these healers….tsk tsk tsk, lying again I assume. That’s supposed to be OK when it’s done for Jesus, though. Pah.

09 November 2004

Man goes on axe orgy in church

Good Boy!

07 November 2004

Auras may be generated in the brain

This is somehow not quite what I expected(wanted to hear), this would suggest that some New Agers could be suffering from very real disability.
Synaesthesia most probably comes from a cross-wiring in the brain. Psychologist Simon Baron-Cohen of the University of Cambridge, UK, has suggested that it comes about when the densely connected infant brain does not prune itself rigorously enough as it grows. Ward suggests that the cross-wired areas in this case are the retrosplenial cortex, which is associated with emotion, and the V4 area, which has been shown to be involved in colour perception. The two areas are close together in the brain. Could people with this condition be the original aura-readers? GW doesn't have any interest in the occult, but others may have. "You can understand how people who have this and were born in a different age would consider themselves able to see spiritual states," says Ward. They would see the colours, and assume they were coming from the people, not from their own brains.

04 November 2004

Atwood, Margaret: The Handmaid's Tale

Sometime in the future, conservative Christians take control of the United States and establish a dictatorship. Most women in Gilead are infertile after repeated exposure to pesticides, nuclear waste, or leakages from chemical weapons. The few fertile women are taken to camps and trained to be handmaidens, birth-mothers for the upper-class. Infertile lower-class women are sent either to clean up toxic waste or to become 'Marthas,' house servants. No women in the Republic are permitted to be openly sexual; sex is for reproduction only. The government declares this a feminist improvement on the sexual politics of today when women are seen as sex objects.
Image hosted by

02 November 2004

White Buffalo Calf Woman

This is just too funny, sad, funny, i can't decide. Those simple minded folk from the Uhuru site spent countless hours translating huge volumes of Linda Newkirk's delusional drivel into Afrikaans, shame. Then our hero, the translator, Dirk van Vuuren decided to do some serious research, and so he sent out this cute little email into the internets.
From: "koerier"
Subject: RE: Linda Newkirk
Date: Fri, 1 Oct 2004 13:01:27 +0200

Dear Pamela Schuffert (, My name is Dirk van Vuuren and I am from South Africa. I was involved with the Afrikaans translations of the books of LN, from the Mountain. Therein she (LINDA NEWKIRK) curses you to death and said to me personally that you are now dead. Could you verify that you still live, please, it is very urgent, because this woman is now in South Africa and is creating havoc with our people. We are presently compiling a file of her false prophecies and downright lies.


I have not witnessed any of the havoc Dirk is mentioning here, but it sure sounds serious! Now this whole Uhuru prophecy hinged heavily upon stuff Linda had to say, and the most embarrassing thing is that a couple of Boereprofete latched onto her bullshit stories and added some of their own yarn to her stories.

And they still believe!

Atheists' sin is usually a matter of will

"What, then, is the problem for most atheists? In my experience, the problem is their will -- that is, they don't want to believe in God. They know that if they admit God exists, then they can't go on living any way they want to but must humble themselves before Him. And that is something they refuse to do."
Wow, It feels like Billy Graham can see right inside my little heart!

Thou shalt not... bore thy congregation

First it was Kim and Aggie, then The Dinner Party Inspectors. Now, a group of worshippers have gone undercover to pass judgement on our church services. Is nothing sacred?
Maybe I'm ill equipped in dealing with British humour, please tell me. Either that or somebody lacks the ability to grasp satire.
The concept of the mystery worshipper has been devised by the Christian website, Ship of Fools, as an ecclesiastical spin on mystery shoppers. While the Church of England is preoccupied with discussions about whether anyone other than a heterosexual man should become a bishop, the Ship of Fools assesses the clergy on a more consumer-driven basis.