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30 May 2005

Amanda's Blog: My New Mooslim Friend

febuary 6 2005

a new girl started at school last week and joined my class. she is a nice girl and shes just like regular girls except shes a mooslim too. she is the first mooslim i ever met and i am writing to tell you about her

the day the new mooslim girl came to class mrs clark intoduced her and asked the class if we knew anything about the mooslim religion. i know a lot about false religions, so I informed the class that mooslims are a brown race from mooslim country who worship an elefant god named ganisha. they dont celebrate christmas like normal people, there equivalent is called ramada inn, and their jesus is called ibraham. the only ways to get into mooslim heaven are to either kill a virgin or blow yourself up

when we went out for recess to play, the mooslim girl sat by herself under a tree and started writing in her paper notebook. it made me see how lucky I am to have good parents who can buy me a laptop. mooslims dont like technology and dont earn very much money because theres not a lot of jobs they can do without puters. demolition bombs and buildings is there natural predispition. like how black people are best at football

25 May 2005

Psychic Infomercial on IOL

Somehow this advertisement, by a reporter who refers to himself/herself in the third person, slipped through and ended up on IOL's frontpage as a regular article!
After our amazing page one story last week of a mother who eventually found closure to her son's death, we were inundated with telephone calls and emails from those who shared their grief and found peace to others who wanted closure as well.

We focus on some of the experiences families have had with psychic and spiritual healer Shirley, who has asked the many callers who sought intervention, to be patient. She can be contacted at 082 742 8980. Yogas Nair, who stumbled on the initial story through a chance conversation, reports.

... and the rest is not worth reading, since it is just emotional hearsay, by some women who fell for the expected cold-reading.

16 May 2005

Hold tight and buckle up, boys, cos it's time to Praaaaaaaaay!!!

15 May 2005

New film about Church dashing disabled man's wedding plans

This is just astonishing, and the melodrama is mind-numbing! These simple people have only themselves to blame for their suffering.
A paraplegic man was forbidden to get married by the Roman Catholic Church because he was impotent.

Gabbahead - self-serving Populism - Religion

Well, how about another local blog for a change.

12 May 2005

Grooved Sphere from South Africa (Precambrian)

Actually, it's a cricket ball.
Over the past several decades, South African miners have found hundreds of metallic spheres, at least one of which has three parallel grooves running around its equator. The spheres are of two types--"one of solid bluish metal with white flecks, and another which is a hollow ball filled with a white spongy center" (Jimison 1982). Roelf Marx, curator of the museum of Klerksdorp, South Africa, where some of the spheres are housed, said: "The spheres are a complete mystery. They look man-made, yet at the time in Earth's history when they came to rest in this rock no intelligent life existed. They're nothing like I have ever seen before" (Jimison 1982).

10 May 2005

Satan convinced me

An item from Namibia, Yay! Unfortunately it’s just the same old shit.
THE headman of Othingo village near Oshakati in northern Namibia, Thomas Gabriel (61), has been sentenced to 15 years in jail for raping a nine-year-old girl.
He told the judge:
"I do not know why I did it; Satan convinced me,"

Vatican Radio Officials Convicted

A Roman Catholic cardinal and a priest in charge of Vatican Radio have been convicted of polluting the atmosphere with powerful electromagnetic waves. I just know what you’re all saying to yourselves…

Astronomers See Birth of Black Hole

For an approximately 8th-grade explanation.


Translators, Memoirists, Nonfiction Writers, Playwrights, Children's Book Writers, Editors to be Honored at Lincoln Center on May 23th

Salman Rushdie, President of PEN American Center, the national association of literary writers, and Benjamin Taylor, Chair of the PEN Awards Committee, have announced the recipients of the 2005 PEN Literary Awards, the most comprehensive literary awards program in the United States. The recipients of each award were determined by distinguished panels of judges all of whom are writers, editors, translators, poets, or playwrights themselves. The PEN awards will be presented in New York on the evening of Monday, May 23, at the Walter Reade Theater at Lincoln Center. The Master of Ceremonies will be Edward Hirsch. Members of the press are welcome to attend. Prior to the ceremony, the judges, finalists, and honorees will be available beginning at 5:30 PM. The ceremony will begin at 6:30 PM.

PEN American Center is the largest of the 141 centers of International PEN, which was founded in 1921 to advance the cause of literature and reading and to defend free expression around the world. PEN American Center has a membership of over 2,800 writers, editors, and translators. In addition to campaigning on behalf of writers threatened for exercising their expressive freedom, PEN sends writers to schools and community centers around the country to encourage the reading and writing of literature, administers literary prizes, sponsors public literary arts performances and forums on current issues, and offers grants and loans to writers facing financial emergencies and those suffering from AIDS.

For more information on the PEN Literary Awards, Judges' citations, or to arrange interviews with award recipients, contact: Peter G. Meyer – PEN American Center –ª212-334-1660 x 108 – e-mail:


The PEN/Laura Pels Foundation Awards for Drama

Wallace Shawn

Dael Orleandersmith

The PEN/Martha Albrand Award for First Nonfiction

The End of Faith by Sam Harris (Winner)

A Chance Meeting by Rachel Cohen (Finalist)

Euclid in the Rain Forest by Joseph Mazur (Finalist)

The PEN/Martha Albrand Award for the Art of the Memoir

Another Bullshit Night in Suck City by Nick Flynn (Winner)

Blue Blood by Edward Conlon (Finalist)

Blood Horses by John Jeremiah Sullivan (Finalist)

The PEN/Book-of-the-Month Club Translation Prize

Fatelessness by Imre Kertsz, translated by Tim Wilkinson (Winner)

Green Wheat by Colette, translated by Zack Rogow (Finalist)

The Cello Player by Michael Kurger, translated by Andrew Shields (Finalist)

The PEN Award for Poetry in Translation

Lightduress by Paul Celan, translated by Pierre Joris (Winner)

Butterfly Valley: A Requiem by Inger Christensen, translated by Susanna Nied (Finalist)

Writing Through: Translations and Variations by Various Authors, translated by Jerome Rothenberg (Finalist)

The PEN/Osterweil Award for Poetry

Forms of Gone by Yerra Sugarman (Winner)

The PEN/Nora Magid Award

Southwest Review, edited by Willard Spiegleman (Winner)

The PEN/Phyllis Naylor Working Writer Fellowship

Amanda Jenkins (Winner)

The PEN Jerard Fund Award

Stealing Buddha's Dinner by Bich Minh Nguyen (Winner)

09 May 2005

Russian astrologer to sue NASA

A RUSSIAN court has ruled that an astrologer can proceed with a lawsuit against the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) for plans to bombard a comet whose destruction would "disrupt the natural balance of the universe", ITAR-TASS news agency said.

08 May 2005

Living Love Fellowship

Ok, and here's another reason for me being such a militant atheist. Just have a look at the sect's website. It's bristling thinly veiled threats of slavery.

Gay Black Jewish Klansmen for Tolerance and Understanding

Follow the link for the full-sized image.


Time to catch-up on some of my internet discoveries during my slight blogging hiatus. I can’t think of a reason for not blogging about this when I discovered these guys, but here goes.

I support individual rights

Individual-i stands for:
· Freedom from surveillance
· Personal privacy
· Anonymity
· Equal protection
· Due process
· Freedom to read, write, think, speak, associate, and travel
· The right to make your own choices about sex, reproduction, marriage, and death
· The right to dissent

06 May 2005

Degrees of Evil

If it were not so absurd, I’d be weeping. If it were not so universally tragic, I’d be laughing.

Defining evil as that which reduces significantly the possibility of Mankind’s survival, I’ve been thinking on the spectrum of evil which is represented in our religions.

The Raving Atheist may object to religious devotion on the grounds that it “Trivialilizes American Law and Politics”, but personally I have a far greater fear:that faith may trivialize us all out of existence, and that right soon.

Yes, I have been re-reading Sam Harris-the book deserves more than one ingestion-by me, anyway, as I’m frequently slow in absorbing the point.

The thing is, we are looking at a rise in fundamentalism which directly threatens our lives. If this were a rise in fundamental Jainism I wouldn’t be worried. If fundamentalist Pagans were starting to be heard in the corridors of power, I’d be laughing. Even fundamentalist Buddhism would be more something to celebrate than fear.

Fundamental Islam, Christianityor Judaism is the problem which may wipe us off the face of the Earth before we’ve really entered the realms of the Solar system. When the basis of your faith is reverence for the Earth, or for all living beings, or even for ‘enlightenment’, whatever that may be, you’ll find yourself almost unable to conduct wholesale slaughter of men, women and children , as you will either have no very good reason for it, and survivalist hard-wiring will obstruct this, or your fundamentalist beliefs may explicitly prohibit such behaviour.

If , however, you believe such very strange things about the universe as:.

The Creator of it is worried about the length of women’s attire and flies into rages at the sight of a female ankle.

The Creator of it is ‘jealous’ to the point that the punishment for even looking at another god is death.

The Creator of it spends a good deal of his time ‘preparing’ places of eternal torment for those who choose not to believe his flamboyant claims..

The Creator of it will reward you with virgins (or white raisins, if you will), silken raiment and rivers of wine for eternity if you will unmake yourself and take as many ‘infidels’ as possible with you.

The Creator of it really made this whole shebang a mere 6000 years ago, but planted pre-aged dinosaur bones, and set light on its way to us, all so you would be tested in your faith, and if you fail this whacky test, why you will be burning in a place of torment for..etc etc etc

Then, my man, you are a danger to the rest of us, a danger to our race, and possibly to any other races out there, should they stumble upon us before you’ve managed to anihalate us.

You are also wasting the resources of Mankind in terms of time, money and compassion. Wasting it all on your notion of a psychopath in the sky.

05 May 2005

God steps in and sorts out the overblown missing bride saga

Nice and caustic.

What's On Jesus' iPod?

In response to the question posed here What's On Jesus' iPod? one reader came up with this:
HOW DARE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Send such an e-mail out talking about Jesus and God the way that you have done ... After all the wonderful and great things he has done for you. I can't believe that someone would send such garbage out ... this post makes no sense whatsoever, and what in the world is an IPOD!!!!!!??????? I have a song for you ... how about "Amazing Graze" [sic] or "The Old Rugged Cross" there are so many songs that you should list in your "Post" that tell who he is and what he is all about ... instead of this garbage that you have posted that makes no sense whatsoever... -- "The Smiths Home" [yes, a real e-mail]
Stuff like this makes me HUNGRY!

04 May 2005

A celebration of non-penetration.

Here's some fun things that faith partners can do besides have sex. 1) Go out to a movie or watch TV! Make some popcorn and have a popcorn party! 2) Engage in wholesome sports activities or play board games like checkers, chess or Monopoly! 3) Rigorously rub your face, body and genitalia against those of your faith partner until orgasm. (Also known as 'faith-fucking')
via Gloria Brame

03 May 2005

His Essence

Smell the man! Beware of imitations!
Selection and quality of His Essence(TM) products is done with the utmost care, integrity, dignity and respect.


A newly discovered fragment of the oldest surviving copy of the New Testament indicates that, as far as the Antichrist goes, theologians, scholars, heavy metal groups, and television evangelists have got the wrong number. Instead of 666, it's actually the far less ominous 616.