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26 April 2005

jwz - God is Great, by which I mean, Very Very Large

via boingboing and a livejournal post nogal!
I've been thinking about transubstantiation, the belief of many branches of Christianity that when you take communion, the bread and wine transform physically into the flesh and blood of Christ. According to the Catholic Church as late as 1965, this is literally true, not just symbolism: the flesh is present, the bread is gone.

20 April 2005

I'm Stuck in Rehab with Pat O'Brien

I'm not sure why I'm blogging this.

My sad post for today

A Canton man led a mission trip in February to mountain villages located more than 170 miles north of Manila, Philippines, to help share information about Christianity. He and others with him were told they were the first white people ever to appear in one of the villages they visited.
Oh great!

Numerous biblical stories support existence of afterlife


18 April 2005

UPDATE - Greek court clears Austrian cartoonist of blasphemy

Well, seems like I was wrong in my earlier post about the cartoonist facing Greek jail for blasphemy, as it turned out to be rather uninteresting with the Greek appeals court overturning the blasphemy conviction.

14 April 2005

Churchmen See Islam as Ally Against Unbelief

Jislaaik, as long as you are religious people will leave you alone, but you are expected to at least believe in something.
After absorbing the blow of Sept. 11, some Roman Catholic cardinals in Europe want to enlist Muslims as future allies against a challenge confronting both their religions -- the godless nature of modern life.

Church leaders, now in Rome to elect a successor to Pope John Paul, initially echoed widespread concerns about militant Islam after the 2001 attacks, and sometimes depicted the faith as a spiritual rival the next pope must be able to stand up to.

But now some cardinals, including several seen as possible popes, are stressing the need to work with, not against, what is the second religion in much of Europe. They also see this as a contribution to peace both at home and in the Islamic world.

"Christians and Muslims who live together should try to meet and dialogue to refute the talk about a clash of civilisations," Milan Cardinal Dionigi Tettamanzi said recently, urging Italians to get to know the Muslims in their midst.

This was all the more urgent because faith itself was under siege, said Brussels Cardinal Godfried Danneels. Many church pews are empty in Europe as people turn to spiritual fads, secularism or simple indifference to religion altogether.

"There is only one important thing in the Church and in the world, that's to keep alive the idea of God and the spiritual nature of the human being and the world," he said last week.

10 April 2005

Science fiction writers listed by "religion"

Ok, I've been sort of on leave for the last week or so, trying to do things other than surfing, however I did notice two articles worth a mention at BoingBoing; Science fiction writers listed by "religion", and; 46-book best-of-Heinlein coming.

04 April 2005

2005 Pigasus Awards!

I'm a fervent Randifan,from a time even before I became an atheist.

The grumpy old man really sheds some light where it's needed.

April 1st is here, and it's time to give out the coveted Pigasus Awards in four categories for accomplishments of the year previous. As my readers will know, these are announced via ESP to the winners, who are of course allowed to predict their winning of this honor by precognition. The Flying Pig trophies are sent to the winners via psychokinesis. We send; if they don't receive, it's perhaps due to their lack of PK ability.

So enjoy this April 1st's prestigious Pigasus Awards. Sylvia Browne also wins-again, in Category#4.