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27 February 2006

A Field Guide To Evangelicals

Looks like my atheism just got kicked up a notch or two. The last couple of months I’ve been rubbernecking over at an Afrikaans forum of the church I used to attend, and after 250 odd posts I started becoming slightly milder in my approach towards the superstitious crowd. However this weekend I found myself violently relieved of my delusion, when I saw the reaction to what they viewed as blasphemy. Some fellow atheist posted a mildly blasphemous post, and the thread derailed into a wrath of God Bible thumping fest, and I thought OMFG these guys and girls are doing the wait-till-daddy-gets-home thing like vindictive little children, and for a few moments the pastel coloured veil was pulled back, exposing the raw fear, hate and greed behind religion.

I just don’t get these attempts at transferring fear and greed.

Anyways I ripped this post from my personal blog.

Exactly what the title suggests, and it’s kinda neat that they let you read the first chapter online. Mildly amusing content ahead, but it’s a book you really want just for its cover.

If you need a religiously inspired bout of laughter rather take a peek at the Mullah Rave Party Sensation via The Religious Policeman’s blog, and offset that with this rather disturbing “Crazy super-fundie christian freak show”, and wait for the credits at the end to blast you away.

Good there we had a nicely balanced post drawing inspiration from two of the basic religious food groups. It's your virtual get out of church free card for the weekend.

Oh, just in, (via BoingBoing) here's a link to a little video clip featuring Richard Dawkins on a British television show on religion, and oh the faces pulled by the preacher man at the end of his interview makes my skin creep. Funny how the blogger who did the entry saw it differntly though.

22 February 2006

The Religious Policeman

This is really a comment on the post below, but I think the Religious Policeman’s site deserves its own post. It’s the blog of a Saudi guy commenting on life on the wrong side of Islam with caustic cynicism. Do read his archives.


Of interest to me was something SandMonkey blogged on February 8th.
…they were actually printed in the Egyptian Newspaper Al Fagr back in October 2005. I repeat, October 2005, during Ramadan, for all the egyptian muslim population to see, and not a single squeak of outrage was present. Al Fagr isn't a small newspaper either: it has respectable circulation in Egypt, since it's helmed by known Journalist Adel Hamoudah. Looking around in my house I found the copy of the newspaper, so I decided to scan it and present to all of you to see.

Many thanks to Feorag for the link.

05 February 2006

ID FAQ, FSM Pr0n and the Texan Taliban

Cool! Check out the Intelligent Design Society of Kansas Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). Then go and get some FSM porn. If you're still there see the latest Christian fad in Texas ... turning like all Taliban on us, OMFG!

04 February 2006


South African courts, I'm deeply ashamed of you.

03 February 2006


The Zombie
31% aliveness, 42% benevolence, 43% intellectualism Graaah! Aaaargh! You are the Zombie! You once lived, spoke, and loved, but now you stalk the earth, terrifying the living. You exist only to devour brains. Sweet, delicious brains.

You are unstoppable, a force of un-nature. You also smell bad. Link: The badass apotheosis Test written by inhumandecency on

01 February 2006

The French does it again!

*no religious dogma can impose itself on a democratic and secular society*
Great words!

Non Sequitur