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28 October 2004 - The Ultimate Free Image Host

This could turn into a rather nice blogging aid. I think, if it works.

No Sex, Please, We're Republicans

Oh my shining well-lubricated God but it's a darn fine time to be a sensually aware and libidinously curious and sexually active person in America.

George, God here ...

This made it onto the blogosphere in a big way.

'The Dark Side of Egalitarianism'


Brewski for president!

Cambodia — Life in a monastery didn't look so good after a couple of monks saw the beer girls. A Cambodian newspaper (Cambodia Daily) reports two Buddhist monks have abandoned their vows after falling in love with a pair of teenage beer girls. The girls had been selling brewskis across from the monks' temple in central Cambodia. Officials say the girls had been warned to leave the monks alone. The chief monk accused the two monks of flirting with the beer girls. The monks, who are both 19, have now decided ditch the monastic life. (Copyright 2004 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)

Biological weapon threat looms larger

Biotechnology is already near a stage where devastating diseases can be recreated and illnesses created that could target specific ethnic groups

Huh? How does one 'distinguish' ethnic groups on a biological level?

27 October 2004

Christian Church Losing Female Worshippers,Tries to Imitate Wicca

This is not a joke nor an overstatement. In all truth and seriousness, leaders of the Episcopal Church USA are promoting pagan rites to pagan deities.
Well, I thought it was pretty funny
And not just any new pagan deities: The Episcopal Church USA, though its Office of Women's Ministries, is actually promoting the worship of idols specifically condemned in Scripture.
The pagan idol in question appears to be Brighid ….whom the Christians stole and transformed into Saint Brigid. Or wait-could it be Ashteroth , once referred to as the Queen of Heaven in the Fertile Crescent, she who gave the early Hebrew leaders fits of apoplexy when they discovered that their captive flock was more inclined to worship her than their newly-minted War God, Jehovah. Shame. Either way, this eating of rasin cakes has just got to stop. Now. Or who knows what those darned women will get up to next? (edited to fix nonexistant link 28/10/04)

26 October 2004

Broken Irony Meter

I am already long-convinced Bush is blind to the truth and reality, dangerously irrational and may be suffering from serious mental illness.I know I'm a layperson with no medical credential to make that judgment, but trust me, I had a dream and God told me Bush is crazy.
I would have sworn this piece was written by an atheist. But no
George W. Bush's faith -- devoid of fact -- and his regular chats with God are profoundly disturbing. My Catholic faith teaches me to think and reflect and to do what Bishop Gumbleton suggests.
I quit. They’re all fucking crazy.

25 October 2004

Pathologising Conservatism

Interesting! I like.

School Says Halloween Disrespectful to Witches

Push PC to the limit, and then some!
The district said Halloween celebrations and children dressed in Halloween costumes might be offensive to real witches. "Witches with pointy noses and things like that are not respective symbols of the Wiccan religion and so we want to be respectful of that," Hansen said. The Wiccan, or Pagan, religion is said to be growing in the United States and there are Wiccan groups in Puyallup. On the district's list of guidelines related to holidays and celebrations is an item that reads: "Use of derogatory stereotypes is prohibited, such as the traditional image of a witch, which is offensive to members of the Wiccan religion."
Ag shame man, and now those poor kids will miss out on all that lekker flying around on broomsticks and stuff. I wonder, they've probably banned Macbeth also, in the name of PC?

The Passion of South Africa's Black Christ

God knows how a naive painting like that managed to grab the headlines, but anyways, this alternative snuff scene, where the white apartheid ooms crucified this poor black freedom fighter, is the latest religious skinder in Cape Town. The artist was quoted by another source as saying;
He [Jesus] wasn't crucified because of his religious beliefs, but because of his political beliefs. He fought for the rights of all humans.
Wow! Even as an atheist I'm offended by the ignorance expressed in that sentence. God killed his son because of his political beliefs, well, actually that does sound like something that Hebrew god would do, doesn't it? Maybe Jesus should have chosen an elephant for that Jerusalem show instead.

22 October 2004

boldly go where no man has gone before

So, you can now have your ashes blasted into space. And it is not too expensive. I kinda like it!

Cheiromancy Scientifically Proven!

The ratio of one's fingers may indicate a predeliction for scientific research.
The survey compared the length of people's index (first) fingers with their ring (third) fingers. This comparison is thought to indicate prenatal sex hormone exposure, probably because some developmental genes control the formation of both the reproductive system and the digits.
Get down to your local palm reader now
In the general population, men have a “digit ratio” of 0.98 on average - the index finger being slightly shorter than the ring finger. Women have a digit ratio of 1.0 on average, meaning the two fingers are the same length.
I can just see you all studiously measuring your finger lengths .
Staff in the departments of chemistry, computer science, mathematics and physics all had average ratios of over 0.995 - close to the female average - despite 81% of those subjects being male.
You sure?

21 October 2004

SA, Israel ink trade deal amid protests

The UN is proposing sanctions against Israel, but SA is now opening trade gates. What makes me suspicious - this has not been repoted in local media.

Politics Causes Brain Damage, Scientists Claim

This is an excellent parody!

Whales Lack Standing To Sue Bush And Rumsfeld

This reads like an introduction to a science fiction novel.
The sole plaintiff in this case is the Cetacean Community (“Cetaceans”). The Cetacean Community is the name chosen by the Cetaceans’ self-appointed attorney for all of the world’s whales, porpoises, and dolphins. The Cetaceans challenge the United States Navy’s use of Surveillance Towed Array Sensor System Low Frequency Active Sonar (“SURTASS LFAS”) during wartime or heightened threat conditions. The Cetaceans allege that the Navy has violated, or will violate, the Endangered Species Act (“ESA”), 16 U.S.C. §§ 1531-1544, the Marine Mammal Protection Act (“MMPA”), 16 U.S.C. §§ 1371-1421h, and the National Environmental Policy Act (“NEPA”), 16 U.S.C. §§ 4321-4347.

20 October 2004

"Oh My Gods!"

God Gene? Or, "Oh No, Not Again?"

Every so often, some one comes along and suggests that religion is hard-wired into the human race, which pisses me off, ruins my day and makes me consider killing off the planet again. There's an interesting synopsis of this book over here by Robert Paul Reyes
If Hammer is correct then it follows that it isn't the Holy Ghost that draws a sinner to Christ, but a gene that has a thirst for myth, magic and malarkey.
Arrgh.And here I was hoping it was more of the ..well...lack of ability to think that was responsible. In a mood to grasp at straws now, I find that in Scientific American,Carl Zimmer allows me to give a big sigh of relief
Is the God gene real? The only evidence we have to go on at the moment is what Hamer presents in his book. He and his colleagues are still preparing to submit their results to a scientific journal. It would be nice to know whether these results can withstand the rigors of peer review. It would be nicer still to know whether any other scientists can replicate them. The field of behavioral genetics is littered with failed links between particular genes and personality traits. These alleged associations at first seemed very strong. But as other researchers tried to replicate them, they faded away into statistical noise. In 1993, for example, a scientist reported a genetic link to male homosexuality in a region of the X chromosome. The report brought a huge media fanfare, but other scientists who tried to replicate the study failed. The scientist's name was Dean Hamer.
(Spiteful emphases are mine)

19 October 2004

Non-F**k You! | Metafilter

Ok, for the second time today, I bring you the metafilter. This time on Asexuality.

Fundies Say the Darndest Things!

Note: FSTDT has a new owner, since WinAce decided to get a life.


I've been an Asus computers fan for quite some time, but somehow I don't think I'll get myself the A7N8X - VERSION 6.66 PROFESSIONAL DELUXE ZOMBIE JESUS EDITION.

Armies of the Night | Metafilter

Sometimes I wonder about these Americans. Armies of the Night

15 October 2004

LeVay is Turning in his Grave

I think it’s time Satanist started calling themselves something else, so as not to be confused with nutjobs like this on the other hand, perhaps some of them secretly enjoy the notoriety. I wonder if what covertly pleases Christians are the insane Creationists. Or Muslims, the Martyrs Brigade?

The outcome is clear

The outcome is clear. We are now convinced of the quite strong risk due to the use of mobile phones. say some Swedes and Danes Perhaps we can persuade Mimi that a cell phone is the latest accessory, without which a virus won’t be seen dead. We seem to be good at conning life forms into harming themselves in some way, and hey two birds with one stone, so to speak. Free tumour research and the demise of another unwanted cohabitor on this planet. The rest of us: don’t forget yourtinfoil hat

14 October 2004

Google Indicateur

More than you ever wanted to know about Google.

Physics Prof Lets Go

I wonder which class he was teaching? If they were anything like your average Joe, or more accurately, your average Med. student looking for credits in sciences, then I can relate.
"Then he told us if we got out of our seats he's gonna kill us. He went on the black board and wrote "911 now", so we were really in fear for our lives,"
I can definitely relate.

13 October 2004

Niskor - Afrikaner pastiche

Just to prove that the 'boerebarok' is unstoppable, and that some developers will stop at nothing for quick buck! Oh, and have a look at the lovely pictures, especially the close-up shot with the inscription visible, what were these guys thinking when they chose that particular shot for the site? This is a Radio Jakaranda ad gone wrong. Ek hoor al klaar, "224...naby skole, universiteite en ambasades, 'n ware landmerk in Pretoria", NOT!
'n Waardige rusplek in 'n kultuurvriendelike omgewing, ons waarborg!
Kultuurvriendelike omgewing? Waddefok! Saag my sydelings!

Religion News Blog

Ok, so this blog might be old news for you jaded bloggers, but I found myself thoroughly engrossed in some of the levelheaded blogging over there.

Ig Nobel prizes honor the offbeat in science

The honorees included: • A scientific investigation of the "Five-Second Rule," which claims that it's safe to eat food that has been dropped on the floor if you pick it up within five seconds. • A study that linked suicide to listening to country music. • Research that suggests herring communicate by "breaking wind."

39m Americans poor

To all the retards claiming that SA is a crap country ... eat this! The USA outsources jobs causing major joblosses, but hey, capitalism rocks. Let the rich get richer .... 'According to Forrester Research, in the next 15 years more than three million US jobs, representing $136bn in wages, will be moved offshore.'

12 October 2004

The Hell House Outreach Kit


the most “in-your-face, high-flyin', no denyin', death-defyin', Satan-be-cryin', keep-ya-from-fryin', theatrical stylin', no holds barred, cutting-edge” evangelism tool of the new millennium!

One-Way Moral Mirror

The world is dividing into two hostile camps: Islam and "us". An article by John Pilger

08 October 2004

Earth's Atheist Resistance To Holy Wars And Religious Devastation

EARTHWARD is a nonprofit, nonpolitical, nonmembership public-benefit charity organization that provides humanitarian relief aid to civilian victims of religiously motivated violence ranging from acts of violence by individual extremists or terrorist organizations that claim religious justification for their actions to full-scale holy wars waged by religiously dominated governments.

The end is nigh

David Booth, will have us believe that the world will start crumbling next week Wednesday.

(7 megs of junk)

07 October 2004

the star tabloid

So this morning we didn't get the morning Star… the face of that Moodley guy probably prompted them to give street sales a go at few extra copies, including mine. A blessing I suppose, since that rag turns tabloid all to easily, damn, probably shouldn’t have checked out their website either, and I’m to disgusted to even link to any of the soppy stories. These headlines feel cheap enough;
'My son could not have done those things'
No shit!
Leigh's mother weeps after accused appears
Students shocked by 'friendly' pupil's arrest
I bet everybody was hoping on the Goth in corner.

And how is this for sloppy reporting;

‘He was wearing brown trousers, a red and white striped shirt, and carried his jacket over his face.’
What about the shoes, what colour were they, was he even wearing any. Actually I don’t care, and I don’t care to read about how his head will be jerking back violently when the judge passes sentence. I don’t know if there is any way of escaping this kind of template-journalism, short of sighing up in the French Foreign Legion.

In closing, I did enjoy this little quote from someone, doing some menial bar work, at the sports club he frequented;

"He is a very decent person, a Christian. His friends are also very religious," Kruger said.
No doubt!

-End of today’s rant-

I still would have liked to have had the paper, I have this perverted need to sit and gloat over the closing of that evil Noupoort Christian Rehab centre with the paper in my hands.

06 October 2004

Aussies Urged to Cast Spells

"Spot Satan's strongholds in the areas you are living in (brothels, gambling places, bottle shops, mosque, temples-Freemason/Buddhist/ Hindu etc, witchcraft)," the leaflet says. He urged followers to circle the place on a map. "If you are ready to pray against it, do so. If not, bring it to your church and ask your intercessors, through the pastor, to pull these strongholds down," the document says.
I dunno-sounds a lot like Wicca 101 to me.

05 October 2004

Paedophile sought guidance from God (don't they all)

You know, this also has a way of getting on my tits!

So in this tedious melodramatic court scene our convicted paedophile is clutching a miniature Bible, while making inane little tear jerking speeches. I mean for vark steaks, it’s always the same miserable tales of how they found God or Jesus. Don’t these guys ever learn, this God bullshit just doesn’t cut it any more. This must be a symptom of these Christian prison, here-have-a-Bible-and-tell-the-judge, outreach projects.

What I would really like to see is a convicted paedophile standing there with a little brass Buddha statue, telling the judge about how he found inner peace.

histrionic personalities

Reporting like this really gets on my tits.

There was this rock concert in Cape Town, and some drunk women flashed their assets, naturally this is a newsworthy incident, since I picked up the tail end of it on IOL. So newsworthy and shocking that the saw the need to approach two psychologists for their priceless input; the first of whom said,

"You find that those with exhibitionist or histrionic personalities usually take the first step. They will be followed by those who are susceptible to what is called large group behaviour - in large groups it is almost as if the forebrain, that part which inhibits us, stops working and people begin to act aggressively or as exhibitionists."
Ag, Jebus, histrionic personalities nogal, as if this is some pathological disease munching through our moral fibre?
"That would be the women with histrionic tendencies. They are a well-known personality type."
So how come the Star not have psychologists commenting on all the bloody beauty pageants?
Being part of a large group was particularly disinhibiting, and the psychologist estimated that at least 80 percent of those who flashed at the concert would not do so if approached by someone in the street carrying a television camera.
Neither would 100% of those who goes topless at the beach, and 100% of those at the annual reed dance, and probably 99% of strippers.
Asked if the flashers were sending out a dangerous message to men, the psychologist said: "That is a difficult one. I am shocked by the predatory nature of 13-to-15-year-old girls. Since the mid-90s my boy patients have been telling me that the girls are the ones who apply the pressure. That is a total turn around from my days."
I guess predatory of 13-to-15-year-old boys is more acceptable then!
His point was illustrated at the concert by a well-built girl who demanded that her rake-thin boyfriend lift her so that she could expose her triple-Ds. The poor boy nearly broke his back trying to accommodate her request.
Look, now that is what I call predation!

Oh and then the second expert had this to say,

Another psychologist, Pandy Neser, did have reservations about the message the flashers could have sent to men in the audience. "An inebriated man, who is maybe a bit of a bully, sees a girl leaving the concert on her own and thinks she's easy because she took her top off for 7 000 people. So that is something to be concerned about. It could pose some kind of threat, because there is a blurring of the line between fantasy and reality."
What utter crap! This sounds like one of those she was asking for it since she was wearing a miniskirt myths.

04 October 2004

Old kamikazes not suicidal

I must admit I never put much thought into any possible religious reasons for people becoming kamikaze pilots. And this article explains why I saved some brain time on that one.
`We Japanese are not a religious people; we just obey instructions' Naoto Amaki, former Japanese ambassador to Lebanon
Personally the Afrikaner in me cannot not accept the 'obeying instructions' part.

01 October 2004

Friday Cheap Laughs-IgNobel Prizes

The Annual IgNoble Prizes
A disturbing study showing that the suicide rates for whites in US metropolitan areas is higher in cities where more country music is played on the radio earned the Ig Nobel prize in Medicine for Steven Stack of Wayne State in Detroit and James Gundlach of Auburn University in Alabama