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08 March 2005

We are gathered here today, to talk about Jeeezzus!

Last week I attended a funeral, but this turned out to be no ordinary funeral, it was a bikers funeral. Now it’s not often that you’ll find inside a church, but since this was family and I reckoned since he was a Christian it would be a straightforward affair. So I was mistaken, turns out this pastor woke up in soul saving crusade mode that morning, oi! I mean there were people still in shock, sobbing while this preacher man were firing away about how modern seafaring vessels are all designed to the dimensions of Noah’s ark. I’m pretty sure even Christians really don’t want to hear the tale of the ark at a funeral, that however never seemed to bother pastor Dan the unstoppable, who then went on in detail explaining how it never rained before the ark was completed.

I suppose it’s just one of those things, every time they have a captive audience they feel compelled to spread their flavour of misguidedness. It feels like this kind of creationist-speak at weddings and funerals is gaining popularity among the clergy, and I’m pretty darn sure that this is in response to the rapidly declining attendance in most churches.

However I still feel very much betrayed by this, I’m only human, but I really did not expect these guys to stoop this low, it’s like being lured into one of these timeshare presentation scams, only now they use a loved one as bait.

I’m still so completely underwhelmed by this whole situation, I’m not even sure about whether I feel angry or sad about this!


Blogger Aquila ka Hecate said...

I would be-surprise!-very angry indeed.

Captive audience, yes-but highly vulnerable captive audience, given that this was a funeral, as well.

That's a lot like those tow-trucks which wait at the scene of many past accidents, waiting to pick up more business.
Pah.They disgust me.
Tow-truck drivers as well.

6:23 am  
Blogger Aquila ka Hecate said...

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6:25 am  

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