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28 March 2005

Cress overturns textbook genetics�

This is so exiting; I don’t know what to say!
In a discovery that has flabbergasted geneticists, researchers have shown that plants can overwrite the genetic code they inherit from their parents, and revert to that of their grandparents.

The finding challenges textbook rules of inheritance, which state that children simply receive combinations of the genes carried by their parents. The principle was famously established by Austrian monk Gregor Mendel in his nineteenth-century studies on pea plants.


Blogger Aquila ka Hecate said...

Less of the sarcasm please.
I happen to think it's very interesting.

The reason we think this is happening is that plants kind of get to try out new gene combos, and revert to type if they don't pan out.
What's exciting here is the possibility that we could do it, too.

I've still got O Rhesus negative type blood to explain from O pos and B pos parents.
This may give an alternative to the usual suspects- ie mutation or the milkman.(recessive unlikely).

12:23 pm  

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